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Comment Your Way to the Top!

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself here in my first guest appearance. I’m Terry Didcott and I write rather a lot! You’ll get to better know me and my own special brand of scribblings over time!

Being an avid blogger with a perpetually growing menagerie of blogs, Squidoo lenses and websites, I know full well the importance of promoting those windows onto the various rooms in my creative writer’s mind. There are several methods of getting the word out to the general content hungry public and I’ll cover each of them over a series of posts.

To cover them all in one post will likely take a lot of time and end up being so long it’d probably put you to sleep!

So. what do I mean by comment your way to the top?

Blogs are very special media, in that they allow a two way interaction between blogger and reader in the form of comments. If a visitor to a blog likes what they are reading, they may feel moved to comment on a particular post. If the blogger is enthusiastic about what he does, he’ll reply to the comment. Other readers may also get involved in the conversation and what you end up with is a social meeting place of like minded people who are all able, thanks to the beauty of the comment box, to exchange thoughts, ideas and information.

So a blog can also become a social networking platform.

So far, so good. How does the blogger (like me) take advantage of this?

By getting into the blogosphere and visiting lots of other blogs that inhabit the same niche, a blogger can not only get a good deal of inspiration and alternative viewpoints on a variety of subjects, but he can comment on other bloggers’ posts.

That has a severalfold positive effect.

  1. He becomes known to the blog owner he just commented in – more so if he comments regularly
  2. He becomes known to the regular readers of the blog
  3. Those readers may well click his link back to his own blog out of interest
  4. If the blog is a “Do Follow” supporter, he gets a free, one-way back-link to his blog

Let’s analyze these points a little.

Points 1 and 2 are obvious – networking gets you known and raises your online profile and that of your blogs/sites.

Point 3 is a major benefit, because it means more targeted traffic to your blog. If you write well and your posts are interesting and entertaining enough those people may well become regular readers of your blog too.

Point 4 is the killer benefit. There is a growing number of “Do Follow” supporters and a good number of higher PR blogs are joining the movement.

Note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, “Do Follow” is a plugin that cancels out the hard-coded “rel=nofollow” in the HTML of most blogs which effectively blocks the search engines from accrediting you with the back-link from your comments. In other words, “Do Follow” blogs give you back-links from your comments.

This means that newer bloggers have an incredible chance to not only get indexed by the search engines fast by commenting on these higher PR blogs, but they also boost their chances of a higher page rank for their own blogs by creating enough of them from lots of different sources.

This in itself makes it so worth while writing and hosting an excellently written blog and making friends with high PR “Do Follow” bloggers by writing good, relevant, creative and thought provoking comments in their blogs. Because don’t forget, “Do Follow” bloggers strictly moderate their comments and simply won’t approve any old rubbish. Spammers don’t get a look in!

It also helps to be a “Do Follow” blogger yourself – give and take is the buzz phrase here. Don’t expect to receive if you’re not prepared to give in kind. You’ll gain more respect amongst your peers and make a lot of friends along the way to your own blogging success.

Is this a great way to promote yourself and your blog(s)?

You bet!

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