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Send Your Blog Skywards!

Following on from my last post about using comments in other people’s blogs to raise awareness and the profile of your own blog as well as to attract a large number of targeted visitors right to your own door, here is another powerful method of attracting visitors.

Using social networking sites like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog to name probably the top two of many such sites, you can make a name for yourself while promoting your blog or blogs to a high number of potential visitors.

The great value of belonging to social networking sites is that all of your potential new reader base are other bloggers who are in the main as passionate about blogging as you are. This boils down to the fact that once they get to know you, they’ll be beating a path to your door as long as what you’ve got to offer is what they want.

And what do most bloggers want?

They want to know how to make money with their blogs of course. Even the ones who vehemently shake their heads when you mention earning a few bucks for their trouble won’t turn down some free money if you tell them how to get it. So for internet marketers who run their own “make money” blogs, this is an excellent way to attract a large number of curious blogger to your own information stockpile.

But you better be ready to give away some juicy secrets and money making techniques that really work, or they’ll soon get bored and go someplace else. The trick is to have some really top quality articles ready and waiting for their inquisitive eyes to soak up. If they like what you’ve got and you show them that you’re following up regularly with quality posts, then they’ll keep coming back for more and hey presto – your site visitor stats go way up.

I’ll bring you some more inspiring insights into the fascinating world of social networking and the eternal quest for more quality traffic in future posts.

Terry Didcott

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