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A+ on Community Networking Forums

Message boards or community forums have been proven to be very effective and extremely beneficial for business minded people. The truth is some people don’t take full advantage of what they offer. As a forum owner, I constantly struggle with people joining only to just situate themselves in one particular forum…the advertising forum. The advertising forum is only one of the perks and certainly not the main focus by any means.

What can a community forum do for YOU?

First read the forum rules before doing anything. You don’t want to break any rules. Next, let’s go with an introduction. Your introduction that is. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. That’s simple enough. Next, read through the forum to get a feel for what kind of community it is. Jump into any topics you find interesting, but don’t just reply for the sake of replying. If you have something to offer, then please share.

When you’re an active and contributing member of a forum, you are letting people know they can trust you and at the same time you’re building relationships and branding yourself. People buy from people they trust and know…that’s just a fact.

Don’t spread yourself thin by joining too many forums because they are extremely addicting and they can take up a lot of your day. If you’re spending 10-15 minutes on each one…20 forums times 10-15 minutes each? Do the math; it adds up. Remember, it’s quality over quantity. Stay with several active forums because you will always meet new people and they can “find” you, so to speak.

Lastly, community forums offer a wealth of invaluable information and resources. If you stop learning, then you’re not growing…in your business and as an individual.

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2 Responses to “A+ on Community Networking Forums”

  1. Very good tips Sophia! Forums are a great way to learn, meet like-minded people, help others, become an authority in your niche, etc… They are not for advertising. Treat them as a legitimate part of your online business and they will reward you in return.

  2. Hey Sophia…

    That is an excellent post there. :) It is true…forums are very addicting! lol
    If people would only realize how much harm they are doing just spamming their ads! ;)

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