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Ramblings Of An IM Junkie – Learn From TV


I love TV. I admit it. I’m not a TV junkie, but I do have my favorite shows. Normally, I don’t get a lot of Internet marketing inspiration from TV shows,  but if you saw the last episode of Lost last season, that was one of the best Internet marketing lessons that anybody could want to get.

If you didn’t see it, the promo for the episode was simple…This is the episode that changes everything. Okay, that’s Internet marketing lesson number 1. You need to hook your prospect as hard as you can and still be believable. The promo, while certainly out there, doesn’t stretch credibility too much. Sure, lots of people were probably saying, “Sure it does” but they still had to check it out.

And then the episode itself came. If you know Lost at all, you know that each episode has a flashback for one of the characters. Well, in this episode, the flashback is Jack, the main character. We see that Jack is going through a rough time. He’s no longer working as a doctor, he’s been taking drugs, and basically, he’s just a mess.

But then, something odd happens. At the end of the episode, we see Jack meeting a woman on a bridge. We don’t see who the woman is at first. And then we see her. It’s Kate, one of the other castaways.

Wait a minute! Jack didn’t meet her until they were on the plane. How can SHE be in a flashback?

And then it hits us!

This isn’t a flashback but a flash forward. We see Jack and Kate AFTER they have been rescued from the island.

And then he tells her…

“We have to go back!”

Back where? To the island? If so, what happened to the rest of the castaways? Are they okay? What happened at the island? How did they get rescued?

Lost hooked us and reeled us in and then they delivered in a BIG way.

Think fans won’t be back in January?

Marketing 101

Hook your prospects with a statement that, while maybe stretching credibility and believably, makes them want to learn more.

And then deliver on your promise.

Those who do this will be successful.

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