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Avoiding Work at Home Scams

There are plenty of legitimate work at home opportunities out there for anyone looking for one, but there are also countless scams that will rob you of your time, money, dignity and your faith in whether or not you really can work at home successfully. Below are several key ways to avoid work at home scams…

Do your due diligence. Know exactly who you are dealing with before you get involved with them. Many companies do not actually hire you directly – instead they sell you a list of other companies that MIGHT hire you, or they might just be trying to recruit you into an opportunity or something else like that. Make sure you know what you are getting in to.

Email them, call them, search forums and other websites for information about them, etc… Don’t stop until you have your questions fully answered. All legitimate companies will be happy to answer your questions, so it’s a huge red flag if they won’t.

Stay grounded. Don’t get some pie in the sky dream or kid yourself that you’re going to quickly make a lot of money in your new work at home venture. A work at home job is still a “job” and requires you to work to gradually increase your income.

Never answer unsolicited (spam) emails. Spammers are the scum of the earth and you will never do yourself any good by opening or answering one of their emails. Anytime you see an email offering you some work at home opportunity, ask yourself where the email came from. How did the sender find you? Did you sign up to receive these notifications, or might it be spam? Does it address you personally? Does it mention a referral from anyone you know? Is it written professionally or is it full of spelling and grammar mistakes?

If you just get a random email offering you work, money, or saying you won something there is a high chance it’s a scam or a virus or something else you don’t want. I recommend not even opening these emails. I never do!

Never pay for a work at home job. If you’re doing a job, you should be getting paid for it, not the other way around. A legitimate company looking to hire you will not ask you for money to get the job. There are legitimate home based business opportunities that you will usually have to pay to be a part of. But that’s something completely different. If you are looking for an actual “job” that you do online (not a home business) then you shouldn’t ever pay for it.

Ask for references. Ask around job forums and find several other people who are already doing the work you’re considering taking on. Talk to them to see if it really is what it professes to be and, even more importantly, whether they’re satisfied with the results. Also ask whether or not they feel that the company has been keeping their promises and paying for the work.

Check the law. Make sure you don’t get yourself tangled up in some illegal scheme that you’ll later regret for more reasons than one. Find out if you need to obtain a certification or a license in order to do the proposed work legally. You may also want to make sure your local zoning board permits you to operate a business from your home (if relevant).

Ok now you have some tips to help you avoid scams. Don’t let yourself get involved in any work at home scams. If you do you will find yourself out money, time and maybe even in trouble with the law. Knowing how to identify work at home scams before you fall victim to one will save you a lot of headaches ahead of time.

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