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More Blog Boosting Ballyhoo!

We’ll continue on from my last post concerning the promotion of your blog to boost visitor numbers. In order to escalate the exposure and ultimately the popularity of your own blog, you need to use all the free promotional techniques at your disposal to spread the word as widely as possible around the internet. Here is another great, zero cost method of exposing your blog to a greater number of readers.

Do exactly what I’m doing right now!

Yep, writing as a guest blogger in other people’s blogs is a sure-fire way to get yourself and your blog(s) known to a much wider circle of blog readers and fellow bloggers. It works beautifully because the concept is so simple.

Simply write in your usual style and standard so that your guest blogging posts are every bit as good as you would write in your own blogs. The readers of the blog you are guest blogging in will naturally see and read your posts. Assuming they like what they see then natural human curiosity takes over and they’ll most likely click on your link at the end of your post and visit your own blog to see what else you’re writing about.

If you author several blogs of your own, you can make this great method work for you by doing this intelligently. Simply by changing the links in your sign-off paragraph to point to a different blog for every post you make and you’ll spread the word around about all of your blogs.

Of course you need to be sensible about this and don’t go spamming lots of links in a single post as that will likely get you banned from further posting in someone else’s blog.

Perhaps you don’t want to keep changing links for every guest post you make, especially if you have a lot of other blogs. The simple solution to getting all of your blogs seen is to only link to your main blog and from your guest posts, then make sure you have prominent links to all your other blogs from there.

You don’t need to go crazy, but it’s a good idea to do one or two guest blogging spots per week in different blogs. That way you spread yourself around enough so that lots of different people will see your posts.

Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Terry Didcott

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3 Responses to “More Blog Boosting Ballyhoo!”

  1. Trent Brownrigg Says:
    November 12th, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    Great post Terry. Guest blogging is something I have gotten into more lately and you are right, it does work wonders.

  2. Thanks Trent,

    I wonder where you might be guest blogging? lol! But yes, it does increase traffic to your site – sometimes it comes in waves!


  3. Trent Brownrigg Says:
    November 14th, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Haha yeah I’m sure you wonder where I might be guest blogging. You and Monika’s blog and a couple others. Hoping to get maybe one or two more of the really popular blogs. Can’t get too many or I’ll run out of stuff to say.

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