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Affiliate Programs Are Not Just For Joining – You Can Set Up Your Own!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to start a home based business, and it’s no wonder why. Affiliate programs allow individuals to make money marketing a product or service without having to create it on their own. Usually affiliate programs also offer professionally designed websites and marketing tools for affiliates.

An affiliate programs is essentially an advertising model which allows people to earn a share of the revenues from products and services they market on behalf of the original product developers or service providers. An individual can add one or more affiliate products to their existing website, make a new website devoted to the product(s) and/or service(s) they’re selling as an affiliate, or (in many cases) utilize and promote a “cloned” website produced by the product or service provider’s own team of professional web designers.

Affiliate programs are an excellent way for beginners to get started working at home and also a great way for veteran home based business owners to expand their income streams. But one of the best ways to take advantage of the power of affiliate programs is to start your own. Anyone can set up their own affiliate program, even you! If you already have a home based business promoting one or more products and/or services, and you would like to take your income to the next level, starting your own affiliate program is an excellent way to do so.

One huge advantage of having your own affiliate program is that you make money off all your affiliate’s sales in addition to your own. It’s a pay for performance model that will make you more money than you are now while saving you marketing expenses. These days, a vast number of home business owners have their own affiliate programs.

Here’s a very basic outline of how affiliate programs work:

* You recruit your affiliates
* You provide them with the promotional tools
* They sell your product for you
* You pay them a certain percentage (commission) of each sale

Most home business entrepreneurs find that building a network of affiliates is far more profitable than search engine marketing and other paid advertising campaigns. Also, establishing good relationships with your affiliates will not only increase the sales of your products, it will assist greatly with the launching of any new products you come out with.

There’s definitely not a shortage of potential affiliates either. The work at home market is huge and keeps getting bigger. In the increasingly unstable job market, working at home has exploded as one of the top options for people seeking an income or a new career.

Once you have created your product and are ready to start your affiliate program there are a lot of affiliate networks you can join. Two very popular and easy to use options are and

Existing affiliate networks are beneficial in that they will host your program for you and take care of most of the other tasks you would normally have to do yourself. You simply pay a small setup fee and agree to give them a tiny cut of monthly sales. Since they are already very well-established and recognized online, existing affiliate networks will usually go a long way in helping you get more affiliates quickly. This is the kind of exposure most new home based businesses simply can’t get by themselves.

Using the power of affiliate marketing by creating your own affiliate product is a phenomenal way to expand your home based business and sky-rocket your income.

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