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4 Tips to Staying Healthy While Working at Home

They say most car accidents happen close to home. Just when you thought it was safe to drive your car a few blocks without wearing your seat belt. BAM! Not a good idea. Accidents can happen anywhere and yes, they do happen in the home too except these aren’t really accidents; they are health problems.

Your life won’t change if you break a fingernail tapping the keys on your keyboard. Your life may change if you don’t maintain a proper sitting posture, have good lighting and get some regular exercise.

Poor posture results in poor alignment of the head, neck, shoulders and back that causes stress and pain which affects every part of your body from head to toe. Prolonged sitting in front of the computer can cause poor circulation resulting in fatigue in your limbs and leg cramps and poor lighting causes eye strain. Eating is another major component. You have to fuel yourself to keep your energy up.

You have deadlines to meet, phone calls to make, emails to answer and you haven’t had a bite to eat or anything to drink since early this morning, and it’s almost 2 PM! You have a major headache and a nap is sounding very attractive at this moment. You’ve hit a wall…

1. You need to re-fuel. Grab something healthy to eat and drink. Keep a bottle of water by your desk. Have a planner to help you organize your time and stick to it.

2. Make sure you have a proper backrest on your chair. The backrest should fit the natural curve of your lower back. Your feet should be planted firmly on the floor or comfortably on a footrest. Avoid slouching. Keep a comfortable shoulder and arm posture. An ergonomical keyboard and or wrist pad may help.

3. Your monitor should be at least at arm’s length. The top of the screen is at eye level. Overhead lighting or lighting from behind and dust on the monitor contribute to glare and reflection problems. Adjust the contrast and brightness on the monitor that is comfortable for you to reduce eye strain. Taking frequent breaks by focusing on other things other than the monitor will give your eyes a rest and blinking often will lubricate your eyes and prevent dryness.

4. Improve circulation by taking frequent breaks and exercising. You don’t have to go very far, in fact, you can do it at your desk. Shoulder rolls, ankle rolls, deep breathing, arm and leg raises and stretches.

With these tips in mind you will be more focused, more efficient and more productive throughout the day.

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2 Responses to “4 Tips to Staying Healthy While Working at Home”

  1. Hey Sophia,

    That was an excellent article and great advice. :)

    I keep saying I’m going to start my workouts again…but, I mean it this time. I’m starting next week. :D

    I’m glued to this chair all day except when I have to visit the lady’s room, stop for a bite to eat for lunch…and that is usually here at my desk!

    I’m going to break that habit too. Thanks for the tips.

  2. 4 Tips to Staying Healthy Working at Home | Health News | How To Be Healthy Says:
    December 8th, 2007 at 9:44 am

    […] to eat and drink. Keep a bottle of water by your desk. Have a desk planner to help you organize your time. 2. Make sure you have a proper backrest on your chair. The backrest should fit the natural curve of your … – Read More, Click Here… […]

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