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Where to Find Article Writing Ideas

OMG, it’s one of those days! My area of expertise is in work at home and I have loads of knowledge on the topic, so how come I can’t think of anything to write? You’d think there is a huge array of topics to write about, right? I also have a health blog and several other blogs that I shouldn’t ever run of things to write about, but you know I sometimes do. It happens. It’s not so much that I run out of things to write, it’s what I want to write about.

Here are some sources that have helped me find topics to pursue and research. They may help you as well if you ever get the dreaded writers block.

1. Forums. These are an excellent place to get ideas for article writing. An active forum with a lot of inquiring minds can easily jumpstart a topic.

2. Television or radio. Often times there is something that have caught my attention or a tidbit that I found interesting. Off I go to do some research on it.

3. Magazines, newsletters, newspapers. Same reason as #2. There are many great topics in print that are interesting, thought provoking, controversial and opinionated.

4. Google Alerts. You can receive the latest news on your choice of query. They are emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search term. A great way to find topics according to your interests.

5. Social Media. Look at what people are talking about today or questions they are asking, and see if there’s anything related to your blog niche that you can write about.

6. Article Directories. Check out the popular articles in whatever section your niche is in and see if there are any good ideas that you can put your own spin on to write a blog post.

7. Other Blogs. There’s a ton of writing inspiration to be found by reading through your competitors (or friends) blogs. You can easily find topics that you can expand on or rewrite in your own views and experiences on the subject.

Like creative ideas, topics can come about in many different and sometimes unexpected ways. With that in mind, try keeping a notepad and pen with you or close to you. Keep your eyes and ears open because everything can be a topic starter; it just depends if it fits in with the content of your blog(s) and whether you want to write about it or not.

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