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Do You Read and Completely Understand?

Reading and comprehending are so important and are two different things. You can read something just for the sake of reading, but it doesn’t mean you have to fully understand it.

We live in a busy world and time is of the essence. Who has time to read rules, a long contract, terms of service, privacy policies and whatever else? BORING! We skim, we peruse and sometimes we miss out on some critical details. I almost made that snafu a few days ago…whew! Thank goodness I caught myself before I made myself look like…well…an idiot! In my situation it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Trent announced a contest on here where you could win $500 and I jumped on it. I completed all the steps and I was ready to drop the contest owner an email when for some reason I decided to read the rules completely. UH HUH!

When it comes to looking for a telecommute job, many of us know it’s not an easy feat because there aren’t enough positions available for everyone and the competition is fierce. So when someone posts a hot job lead we want to know where to apply immediately, but before you dive in and start asking where do you send your resume take the time to read the job description because all or most of the questions will be answered for you. Without reading you will not know the following information.

Are you qualified?
Does your computer meet the software requirements?
Is this position available worldwide?
How to apply?

If you apply blindly it’s not only careless on your part, they will think you are inept and incapable of following simple directions. It doesn’t make you look like a very good candidate and your potential to getting hired is out the window.

Read, “listen” and comprehend. It’s not difficult, it just takes a bit more of your time to do something right the first time.

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