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Ramblings Of An IM Junkie – The Secret


Guess what? I just saw “The Secret” yesterday for the FIRST time. That’s right. I admit it. I was one of the holdouts.

Didn’t see it?

See it!

It is probably one of the most compelling and inspirational movies I ever saw. It may very well be responsible for the increased success that I will have this year…the increased success that YOU can have as well.

Last year I banked over $122,000. I was thrilled with this. But I realized after seeing “The Secret” that I could do much better…and I will.

This year, my goal is to earn $500,000. No, not a goal…that is what I WILL earn. I already see myself with that income and what it will allow me to do.

And no, it’s not what you think.

See, I’m not materialistic. Never have been and never will be. One of my biggest joys is sitting on my couch for a half hour each day and playing my $50 nylon 6 string guitar. Now, maybe with $500,000 I can get a little better guitar, but the truth is, I could do that now. I just choose not to.


That $50 guitar has a lot of sentimental value to me. It was my very first nylon string guitar. And even though some of the paint is peeling off of it, I still love it. I just take a Sharpie and color in the spots that are peeling. Can’t even tell the difference.

My whole outlook on life this year has completely changed. While I have always tried to help struggling new marketers to realize their dreams, this year I’m going to do even more in order to do just that.

So stick around and enjoy the ride with me. If you’ll put your trust in me, you WILL have the success that you desire.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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2 Responses to “Ramblings Of An IM Junkie – The Secret”

  1. Great article, and very good information on Attitude is so important in learning how to start Building A MLM Business…

    There are many great systems out there that you can use to start out with, that range less than $500 up to $2000… Please make sure you like the product, and that is something you can promote to friends and family! Because, then you can also talk to people outside your warm market and especially creating wealth and a network using the internet… Plus you can use all the tools available online such as Attraction Marketing, Team Building and Mentoring that is usually included with the better systems for good residual income, long-term growth and members results …

    Much Success,

    Franco G

  2. Nice one Steve,

    I got the Secret a couple months ago and have been very impressed with the change to my fortunes.

    Ok, it starts with small stuff, but just after Christmas I got a review writing gig that has so far inundated me with work and doesn’t look like slowing down for a while yet.

    I also bumped into Vic Franqui online and while a lot of people don’t like his abrasive character (a nice way to put it) his enthusiasm and revelations of some blogging tricks that actually work have also changed the way I think about blogging for money!

    I’m already starting to see a change in fortunes there too.

    I walk the dogs past this wonderful villa most days and have always loved the house – my goal this year is “I am buying that house with cash and that’s a fact!”

    I believe I will, too!


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