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I Hate Spammers With A Passion!

When I say, “I hate spammers” I mean that in the deepest sense of the word. We’re talking HATRED beyond what I can even say in this post without sounding like a completely crazed psychotic!

So what brought this post on?

Well, first of all I have always hated spam as much as anyone else. Maybe even more since I’ve been an internet marketer for quite a while and I get more of it than the average person. Nobody likes seeing their email filled with a bunch of crap everyday.

Plus, spammers ruin it for us legitimate internet marketers who build true double opt-in email lists, follow all the rules, and send out information to people who actually asked to receive it. And never spam!

But the reason I am writing this post right now is because some asshole has been spamming people like crazy with ads pointing them to one of my websites.

I’ve had my domain provider threaten to shut down my account and my webhost suspended my account twice this week. Both were resolved once I explained to them what was going on but it still pissed me off! And now I have complaints noted on those accounts, so if someone complains in the future they will see that it has happened before and I will have a harder time getting myself cleared of it. Even though it was NOT me!

Plus, I have had a ton of people write to me to complain and some of them have called me every name under the sun… and let’s just say none of them were nice either. I try explaining to them that it wasn’t me but most of them don’t believe me. And why should they? I don’t blame them! I probably wouldn’t either.

My name, reputation, and business are all getting ruined because some stupid spammer doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

I’ve tried blocking him and taking other actions to stop this from happening but so far none of it has worked. He just keeps on sending out the mass spam emails without even caring that it is doing nothing for him, and it is hurting me and deceiving the people he is emailing.

If I could get my hands on whoever it is doing this it would not be a pretty sight. In fact, I would probably be thrown in jail when it was all said and done. I don’t care, it would be worth it! That’s how pissed I am.

Anyway, that is enough of my rant. I just had to get this off my chest and I figured a good way to do that would be to write up a blog post about it.

Let this be a lesson folks – You need to be careful because stuff like this can happen to anyone at any time for no good reason.

Now I am heading off to try to figure out more ways to stop this spammer.

If you have any tips to help me I would love to hear them.

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3 Responses to “I Hate Spammers With A Passion!”

  1. Terry Didcott Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 6:10 am

    That’s really rough Trent. Those bastards really have it coming to them. I have a (by far) lesser problem with my forum – their relentless signing up and adding their bad neighbourhood urls in their profiles caused Google to slap my page rank down to a grey bar.

    The worst is that nothing you say will convince people you are innocent – the problem is that the general public are as unforgiving and as ignorant as the spammers themselves – and the bastard spammers know it.

  2. Yeah it really sucks that this kind of stuff can happen and we can’t do anything about it. You spend countless hours and money trying to run an honest business and a bunch of unethical spamming assholes ruin all your hard work in a matter of days.

  3. On a further note… I ended up having to shut the site down because my host was sick of the complaints even though they said they understand it’s not me.

    I believe the spammer has stopped spamming it now so I could put it back up and everything should be back to normal. However, I decided to just get rid of it.

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