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Steal a March on the Spammers

You heard right. Get one over on those hijos de putas by playing them at their own game. Well, not quite exactly their own game, but instead of getting mad, get even. Here’s two home based business tips you can use to your own advantage:

1. Let Them Steal Your Content

Here, I’m talking about the kind of highly annoying gits who scrape your content and post it as their own on their websites and blogs. You can’t stop them, so play it clever. Every time you write a new post, include a link to your own site in the first paragraph and make it a keyword anchored link for good measure. Just like the one I just made.

When Mr Spamasshole comes along and scrapes your post, he is most likely to be stupid (as most spammers are) and will not bother to remove your link but post it as is in his blog.

The upshot is his site gets slapped for the duplicate content, but you get a keyword anchored one-way backlink to your site.  Oh, and the reason for putting it in the first paragraph is that a lot of scrapers only publish the first paragraph and link back to the originating site with the anchor text “click here to read the full story…” or somesuch useless text. Then you get two backlinks – one useless and one very useful.

2. Let Them Spam Your Comments

Spammers love to leave comments in blogs with reams of links to unsavoury sites. Well, don’t just delete them all, use them!

If you have time, edit each of the spammers’ comments and put your own keyword rich text in there, making sure you remove all their links and then approve the comment. The search engines give you more authority if your blog has lots of comments – it doesn’t matter where they come from as long as they come from a different IP address or geo location and the text is relevant to your blog. Voila – thank you Mr Spamasshole for lots of relevant, keyword filled comments!

Now those asshole spammers can put a smile on your face in at least two very satisfying ways!

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6 Responses to “Steal a March on the Spammers”

  1. Very good ideas Terry. I have used the first one on some of my blogs but I never thought of the second one. I will have to try that out from now on.

  2. Hehe, I thought you’d like that second one. Every little helps!

  3. Those are great ideas and I will keep them in mind.

  4. Shukree Abuwi Says:
    February 20th, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Hey great advice. let your spammers comment! lol I never thought of that. Will do. Thanks.

  5. To Sophia and Shukree Abuwi, thanks for your kind words.

    Its always nice to get a little something back from these horrible people who just take so much!

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