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Give to Receive – My Theory of Profiting Online

I know plenty of Internet Marketers who are banging their heads against a brick wall due to lack of sales, or lack of traffic to their sites, or a myriad of other “lacks” that are halting their money making efforts in their tracks. A lot of the time, these so-called lacks can be turned around by some simple alterations in the way we think and act.

Much is made of the ethos that you first have to give in order to receive, and with very good reason…

It’s true!

I’ve noticed that on a personal level, for that’s really the only way to be sure of anything, that my own mode of working online is to give away every idea, method, technique and theory that finds its way into my head by writing about it on my blogs or talking about it in my videos. I don’t keep anything to myself because I truly believe that to be successful and make money online, you have to be honest and free with your knowledge.

When someone asks me if I know how to do a certain thing that they don’t (assuming I do, of course!) I quite happily tell them! I truly believe that for every snippet of knowledge I give away, more will come right back to me to help me make more money for myself.

Its fairly logical when you sit down and ponder over it.

Take all the “keep it to close to my heart” types that have probably already made their fortune online and are now just continuing to milk their lists for whatever they can get. But they’re the dinosaurs of the internet and they are running themselves into extinction by hoarding what they know to themselves.

Let’s take the logic behind what I’m saying…

When you give your knowledge freely and it helps several people to make some money online, especially if they’re just starting out, they’ll remember where that information originally came from and how it helped them.

At some point in the future, one or more of then are going to run across a great new way of making money that will eclipse all the old and probably defunct methods as the internet evolves. Well, they might need a JV partner they can trust to help them turn their idea into a money making reality. Well, the guy that helped them get started was an honest, trusting guy – maybe he’ll be willing to join forces…

The rest is history, as they say.

Generosity will never shackle your efforts to make money online. On the contrary, it will be the making of your success.

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3 Responses to “Give to Receive – My Theory of Profiting Online”

  1. Very good advice Terry! And quite true. I’ve always found that giving as much as I can online has lead back to me finding success.

  2. Thanks Trent, its a big part of what we do!

  3. Robin Buckley Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 12:05 am

    You certianly practice this way of thinking. Your insight and the passing on of resourse and knowlage has assisted me tromendously.
    Thank You,
    Robin Buckley

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