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Caught In The Act: Content Stealers

First and foremost, anything you write, draw, paint and photograph is protected by copyright.

It was an eventful day right from the first post about post/ad/article stealers to exposing the wrongdoer. I think one time or another each of us have had something stolen from us. I, for one know I have had ad copies, ideas and even a portion of my home page’s content stolen from me. Certainly it’s not a good feeling and it’s not a considered a compliment or flattery in any way, shape or form! It’s disgusting, pathetic and downright wrong on so many levels.

I have absolutely no understanding of why people stoop this low. Do they think they can get away with it? Do they think it’s okay? Just because it’s on the Internet it doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. To understand copyright laws, visit US Copyright Office

So what can you do?

If they steal an ad copy, ask them to remove it.

If they steal an article, let them know you are the original author and ask them to credit the work with your resource box or have them remove the plagiarized work immediately.

If they steal your content, notify them via email with a cease and desist order. You can Google for a sample of a cease and desist order letter. If they fail to respond or remove the copied content, contact their webhosting company and let them know of the situation.

You will also want to make sure you can prove you are the owner of the stolen work by searching through Google and screen capturing the results of a cached file.

People who resort to these tactics really don’t belong online. The lack of honesty and integrity will not get you far and you will ultimately fail. Whatever you do, don’t steal other people’s content. Think before you act!

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