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5 Ways Work at Home Moms Can Occupy Their Kids to Get More Work Done

When you’re a work at home mom (WAHM), it can be very hard to find some quiet time away from kids so you can actually do your work. There are ways you can create time to work and below I have given you 5 ways to make extra time each day so you can work at home in peace.

1. Nap Time

One of the easiest ways to work at home with kids in the house is to do it while they nap. That way you’ll have the quiet you need in order to make phone calls, write emails, and otherwise concentrate on all the work you have to do. Scheduling naps for your children at the same time each day is a good way to get them adjusted to the routine so it’s not a chore to get them down each time. And if your children are older, you can still impose regular quiet times each day. Most older kids will be happy to get time alone in their rooms knowing that you won’t be disturbing them either.

2. Movie Time

As long as it’s structured, monitored, and kept to a reasonable and defined period of time, there is nothing wrong with sticking your kids in front of the TV for a little while. Allow them to watch a movie or TV for a certain amount of time each day while you work. Most children’s movies and television shows are fairly short to keep their attention and many of them are also educational. Your kids will love you for it, and you know you will be able to work at home without being interrupted constantly because your kids will be glued to a screen.

3. Structured Playtime

Once your child gets a little older they can be started on a fun activity they can enjoy while you’re working. This can be a puzzle, a model, drawing or coloring, working with logos, or any other activity you know they’ll find interesting and engaging. You can even place a little table right near your work desk so they can “work” right alongside you. Checking in with them and offering some assistance periodically will also give you a nice break from work every hour or so.

4. Playing Outdoors

If your kids are old enough to play outside unsupervised this is a great way to get some time away from them while you work at home. They get to have fun, burn some energy and get their much needed exercise while you get to have some free time to work. This is an especially easy solution if you have a fenced-in yard. You might even be able to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on them while you work. You should also give everyone a time frame for how long they are going to stay outside so they don’t keep running in and out disturbing you.

5. Computer Time

Working at home doesn’t necessarily mean you will be on the computer all the time so allowing your children to get on the computer can be a fun way for them to pass time quietly if you are on the phone or doing other business tasks. There are many educational websites and games that they play online and even smaller children will enjoy typing if you just open up a blank document and let them hammer away. As they get older, this will also be a good way for them to learn typing and become more familiar with the computer.

As a work at home mom you want to be there for your children but you also need some free time away from them so you can get your work done. Use the five ideas above to take the stress out of finding quiet time and keeping your kids busy while you complete your work.

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