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Are You Cut Out For This?

Pretty straight forward question. Many people REALLY don’t know the answer to it. The truth is, not everybody is cut out for making a living online.

God bless my wife, I love her. But put her in front of a computer and she’s about as helpless as a puppy in a lion’s cage. There is no way she could ever do what’s required to run an online business. Heck, she can just about save a Word DOC without losing it. And this woman is a high school math teacher with 25 plus years of experience. Computers just aren’t her thing.

Then there are some people who have spent their entire life pushing a mop at some apartment complex. They have no education and very few skills. How tough do you think it’s going to be for somebody like this to sit in front of a computer and run an online business?

And then there are those who actually have quite a bit of smarts, have some skills, but have never worked for themselves. They’re so used to taking orders from a boss that to try to motivate themselves to get up every morning and do what is required to run their business isn’t such an easy thing. Some people just can’t handle all that freedom.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself if you’re cut out for this? Honestly, I didn’t when I first started because I had to make this work. I had no choice. Maybe desperation drives you to the point where you can do anything. If that’s so, what about you? Are you desperate enough? Do you want online success enough to go out and get it? If not…

Are you cut out for this.

That’s a question that you might want to sit down one day and ask yourself. Otherwise, you might be wasting months, or even years of your life chasing after something that you’re just not suited to do.

Running an online business isn’t for everybody.

Is it for YOU?

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2 Responses to “Are You Cut Out For This?”

  1. Its basically about aptitude i guess. You may be a genius at something and dumb at other, bcos you simply didnt have ‘aptitude’ for it.
    And yes the answer to that question is difficult, unitll you go out and try it. You would know it soon :)

  2. A good way to answer whether you might be cut out for working online is to research the different online opportunities out there. I have a blog that addresses this very issue, with research and reviews of various businesses advertising for marketers and affiliates online.

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