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How Come I’m Not Making Any Money?

That is a very good question and a lot of internet marketers and other people trying to earn money online are asking it to themselves.

Lots of people directly ask me it too. Do you have any idea how hard it is answering a question like that when you have no idea what the person is actually doing to even try to make a living online? It’s like guessing his birthday and the time he was born in one guess! It’s almost impossible.

So what follows are a few of the main reasons why you may not be making any money online based on the hundreds of cases I’ve seen over the years – though I can’t be 100% sure since I don’t know YOUR particular situation.

1. No Business Plan

Do you think you can just throw up a website, post a few ads, write a few articles and the money is going to start pouring in? Trust me… it doesn’t work that way! You need to sit down and write out a comprehensive business plan.

Don’t want to do it?

Then don’t expect to make a lot of money – unless you get really lucky.

2. No Knowledge

Think you can make money online without knowing what you’re doing? Forget it! There is so much you need to learn to be successful online it would make your head spin…everything from sales copy to advertising strategies to list management. If you don’t take the time to get educated… don’t expect to earn a living on the internet.

3. Improper Research

So many people dive into a niche without even taking the time to find out if there’s even any money in it. It doesn’t matter if you think people will love your product. If they have no need for it, they won’t buy it. It’s that simple.

Research takes time… lots of it. You need to research keywords, competition and whole lot of other things.

Don’t want to do it?

Then don’t expect to make any money unless you get very lucky.

4. No Work Ethic

This is probably the biggest culprit of them all. No, surfing the net and playing video games is not working on your business. And checking your email and Adsense stats every 5 minutes isn’t working on your business either.

You need to sit down every morning, or better yet the night before, and write out a schedule for your workday.

And then stick to it.

The above 4 items are just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, there are so many pitfalls that can fubar your business that they’d blow your mind.

Maybe what you need is a mentor. Problem is, they don’t come cheap.

If you want to get your shit together and stop putzing around with your business… drop me an email.

Or not.

At least I know where my next meal is coming from.

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