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Do You Need A Mentor?

If this sounds like a strange question, it’s not. Some people need a mentor and don’t even know it. And actually, the people who need mentoring most are the ones who don’t realize that they do as they are that clueless.

Let me just give it to you straight, and if this comes off as harsh, please forgive me but I’ve always been a straight shooter and never sugarcoat my words. This way, at least people know exactly where I am coming from.

Some people just don’t have the smarts to make it on their own. All you have to do is look at some of the emails that you get from prospective customers. They can’t even put a coherent sentence together…so how can they run a business.

Look, I’m no Einstein, but I do have some smarts and I have developed some skills over the years. I can write and I can learn. I can come up with ideas and I can be creative. And guess what? There were still times in my life when I needed some mentoring. Why? Because I was stuck in a rut and needed somebody to give me a kickstart that I wasn’t going to get from reading a book.

If I want to learn Adwords, I don’t need a mentor. I just need to read a good book on the subject. Perry Marshall’s is the best one I’ve found. I’m actually studying it now because my Adwords smarts aren’t so great. By the time I am done reading the book, I’ll be fine. I don’t need Perry Marshall to mentor me.

But, some people could read that book from now until doomsday and it won’t matter. They need somebody to explain things to them and walk them through things.

Those are the people who need a mentor.

How do you know if you’re one of those people are not? Simple. If you read a book and don’t understand it, or can’t put the principles to use, then you need a mentor. It’s not rocket science.

I do offer my own mentoring service but my classes are booked until May. If you want to be considered for a May class, contact me.

Put “Mentoring Info” in the subject.

I will send you the info about what you’ll get and what it will cost you. No, I am NOT cheap.

No good mentor is ever cheap.

But first, know whether or not mentoring is something you need.

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