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Use Forums and Facebook Groups To Boost Your Home Business

You are likely starting out with your home business amongst way too many people doing the same thing. You need to make a name for yourself or “brand” yourself. Your goal is to have your name and website associated with a certain niche. So how do you do it?

Post on business forums related to the niche and do it now. This is one of the best ways to get people to see that you are knowledgeable and excited about your business. Post often and intelligently. Look for interesting threads where you can ask a good question or answer with a thoughtful response.

Use your full name as your username. Always be honest, helpful and possibly useful to someone who is reading the thread.

Keep in mind that people who are researching a home business will do many searches to seek legitimate businesses and will end up on a forum. They may not post at all but will read about things they are interested in and flock towards someone who seems the most trustworthy.

They are often seeking a mentor (whether they realize it at the time or not) and someone who will lead them in the right direction. I know this for a fact and have received many emails, calls and private messages from people who have read my posts in forums.

These people who are searching can be your best “targeted traffic” because they truly want to have a home business. You just have to show them the way.

You can also use the strategy in the same or similar ways by getting involved in facebook groups. Share your knowledge there, become well-known by asking and answering questions, and sharing useful information. Even if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can search to find outside blog posts or videos that answer it, and post them. Also share interesting and/or useful tips for the group.

Just make sure you aren’t spamming them with your opportunity or website all the time. If it makes sense to post your own link to something then go ahead and do it, but only after you’ve already made a name for yourself in the online community, and even then only do it sparingly. Otherwise, just give away your help and knowledge freely, and eventually it will pay you back in dividends.

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