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Ramblings Of An IM Junkie – Sick As A Dog

I always brag about how I NEVER get sick. Well, mother nature decided to hit me with quite a bad head cold this week. I feel like somebody stuffed a pillow into my head. You’d think there is no way I could possibly work like this. And yet, if I told you what I’ve done this week, you’d probably freak out.

For starters, I did two videos. One of them on PLR and the other on some product. I forget which one because my head is too stuffed. I recorded them, mixed them, produced them and uploaded them to YouTube.

This week I also dabbled in some new niches just for the heck of it. Wanted to see if I could make something out of them. So far, the results have been encouraging. You’d be surprised how many really great niches there are out there that are virtually untapped.

Let’s see, what else did I do? Oh yeah, I also created a brand new sales page for a special sale. I can’t show it to you because it’s only for certain folks who belong to a certain forum I belong to. You understand. But anyway, that took me like a half a day to put together.

I also did my regular daily work, which consists of all my advertising, article writing and so on. I have a regular schedule that I stick to religiously. I have about 14 tasks on it that I do on a regular basis. Some take just a few minutes but others take a few hours. It certainly keeps me busy.

And let’s not forget new products that I am always working on. I got one in the works for later this year that’s going to blow people’s minds. I’m planning, with a friend of mine, to release it in September. He’s doing all the promotional stuff. I’m doing the writing. It’s a great partnership.

Speaking of partnerships, my friend John Rhodes and myself just put out PLR EXPLOITATION this month which I know is going to be a super big seller because everybody into IM wants to know what the deal is with PLR. This product explains everything, including how to find it, use it and so on.

Yes, I have been keeping very busy, even though my head feels like a train wreck.

Maybe I can invent an IM product for a head cold.

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