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How to Make Money Online With Advertising

If you own a website, work at home on the internet, or run an online home business, you probably know what Google Adsense is and that it is basically a way to sell advertising space on your site. You also might know that it can be put on just about any website or blog and that it is one of the most popular ways for website owners to make money online. It’s no secret that selling advertising on a website or blog is a great way to make money online but many people don’t fully understand how to do it.

So how do you sell advertising for your website? 

There are two major ways that you can sell advertising on your website…

Revenue Share Advertising

Revenue share advertising is a very popular way that website owners can earn money with ads. Google Adsense is an example of revenue share advertising. These are sites that find the advertisers for you and then, when somebody clicks on the links that are displayed on your site, they give you a share of the revenue created by the click. The amount of money per click varies depending on the deal made between the revenue share company and the advertiser. This is information you usually don’t get to know. 

Revenue share programs are great because they are very easy to set up. Basically all you do is sign up for the program, insert some code into your website template and the ads will show up. Not much extra work is needed on your part. 

Of course, revenue share programs also have their disadvantages. For instance, Google Adsense has some very strict rules about what you are allowed to do with your ads.  Make sure that you read and understand the terms of service before you click the “I agree” button. It is very easy to inadvertently commit “click fraud” with Adsense and once your account gets suspended, you won’t ever be allowed to reinstate it.

Another disadvantage of revenue share advertising is that you don’t get all the money from the ads on your site. They company usually takes just as much (or more) than you get. It’s the price you pay for the ease of use and them finding the advertisers for you.

One thing to remember with revenue share programs is that no matter what one you choose, make sure that you understand what they expect from you and what you are allowed to do and not allowed to do with your ads.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising is fairly self-explanatory. You find the advertisers, display their ads on your site and collect the money. This is the best way to make money through advertising if you want to keep 100% of the profit from the ads. Of course, the disadvantage of direct advertising is that it’s not nearly as easy to implement as revenue share and you have to find your own advertisers for your site. 

Before you start hunting down direct advertisers, you will want to decide which kinds of ads you want to run. Do some research and see what kind of ads work well on other sites similar to yours. You only want to run ads that are at least somewhat related to the content of your site.

Then make sure that you understand how to implement the ads into your website or blog template. You will need to know a little bit about coding to make your advertising look professional. Finally, you will need to know about the business side of advertising. You will need contracts and invoices and a way to keep track of individual clients. While direct advertising usually brings in more profit, it is far more time consuming and harder to keep track of than revenue sharing advertising.

Whichever advertising method you choose to make money online, be sure you understand the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of each method as well as expectations of everyone involved. Advertisers can be very fickle and so can your readers. Some readers don’t respond well to sites that are covered in ads, so you will want to make sure that you strike a balance between content and ads. This is important because, if you lose readers, you’ll lose advertisers and income. 

Revenue share advertising and direct advertising are both very good ways to make money online and are simple enough for just about anyone to implement. Remember that if one method doesn’t work for you, you can simply try the other. I actually recommend utilizing both so you can make even more money and spread it out a little between multiple income streams.

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4 Responses to “How to Make Money Online With Advertising”

  1. Jaguar Marketing Says:
    May 6th, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    […] How to Make Money Online With Advertising – If you own a website, work at home on the internet, or run an online home business, you probably know what Google Adsense is and that it is basically a way to sell advertising space on your site. You also might know that it can be put … […]

  2. Ohio Data Entry Queen Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 3:21 am

    I guess I’ve been doing it the hard way then! For the last 18 months or so I’ve been lucky enough to work in my own home based business as a data entry operator. Sometimes I don’t get any work work for up to 3 weeks and then suddenly I’m inundated. Fortunately, I make enough money during the good times to supplement the leaner times.

  3. Trent Brownrigg Says:
    May 10th, 2008 at 10:45 am

    That doesn’t necessarily you have been doing it wrong. Maybe during the slow times you can do something else. Do some affiliate marketing and try to make extra money that way.

  4. Chandra Dev Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 4:07 am

    Adsense is one popular monetising method, perhaps here the focus is on ads from other websites. That will require high traffic so that other may ask for space for their ads.

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