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Overcoming Obstacles in Your Online Business

One of the things that drives me absolutely crazy is when people write to me and say, “I can’t do this or that because of… [insert excuse here]” and give me some marketing obstacle that they’re having, whether it be a payment processor they can’t use or a form of advertising that isn’t available or a product that they want to create but the software that they need to create it doesn’t run on their computer or any of about 1000 other excuses. Well, this post is my way of hopefully putting all these excuses and other obstacles to bed once and for all.

Let’s start with payment processing. I understand that there are some countries that do not have access to Clickbank or PayPal. However, those payment processing giants are not the only ones you can use. There are a lot of very high quality payment processors out there that you can use, and I would be that you have access to at least one of them. Just because you can’t use PayPal or Clickbank doesn’t mean that you can’t do business online. So that’s just a really bad excuse.

What about advertising? Just recently, I decided that I wanted to get into the gambling niche because I was taught by a pro gambler many years ago and think I have something to offer to the novice gambler with my own strategies developed over time. Problem is, Adwords doesn’t allow ads for gambling products. Okay, so what? Adwords isn’t the only game in town either. There are a plenty of other advertising platforms that do allow gambling ads. Plus, you have many other forms of promotion like article marketing, video marketing, blogs, social media, SEO, and tons of other things. If you can’t get the word out one way, then get it out another way.

Finally, there is product creation. I know that Macs don’t run a lot of software that internet marketers need to run their businesses. However, there are PC emulators that you can use on a Mac that will work. Granted, it’s not the best solution in the world, but it’s a solution. Plus, there are often Mac versions of the same or similar software that are just as good.

The point I’m making is… It’s easy to make excuses or find obstacles for why you can’t make a living online. Honestly, anybody can make excuses. That’s the easy part and why most people don’t succeed. Those who do become successful are the ones who look at the obstacles in their path and find a way to remove them!

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