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You Don’t Always Have To Be A Salesperson

How many articles have you read, websites you’ve seen, videos you have watched, emails you’ve gotten, and posts on blogs that are purely sales pitches? To me, it seems like just about all of them these days. Is it always hype that makes the sale or has the time come when it’s more important to be a little more personal and give value? I personally think it’s the latter.

I don’t consider myself to necessarily be a great salesperson. As an internet marketer, I have found the most success by making a connection with people who read my blogs, articles, forum posts, social media updates, etc…

Don’t get me wrong, there is a sales component, but when you love what you do and love what you have the opportunity to share with others then people feel the connection. They do not feel they are being fed a sales pitch so they begin to feel a more trusting relationship with you. That is the key because now you are approachable.

I like to write in a manner as if I am speaking to a friend of mine who is looking for more information on a subject or my progress. I let people know all the time in my posts they can contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me, and they will definitely get a response and I will tell them all they want to know (within reason). I have had many people write comments asking for help, advice and want to learn more about my programs or training. My conversations with those people are even better.

I personally feel its important to be really honest. Honesty shows through and bullshit is easy to spot. People can feel honesty and are drawn towards you instead of the many people who are promoting exactly the same program you are promoting. People seeking home businesses or other online income opportunities are becoming more savvy and many have been burned before. They are wary, and rightfully so in many circumstances. If you give them the opportunity to connect with you then you potentially have a loyal downline member forever, or lifetime customer/client!

There are so many ways to make a home business work for you but I believe it’s key to show who you truly are, keep it real and be approachable. You’ll be receiving those emails, inquiries, sign ups, and sales in no time!

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