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The Real Truth About The Clickbank Marketplace

Every once in a while, you write an article that you know is not only going to take people by surprise, but it’s also going to cause a bit of a ruckus besides. Well, that time has come again. I know a lot of people are unaware of what I am going to disclose today about the Clickbank Marketplace. So hang onto your hats. You’re gonna love this one.

If you check the Clickbank Marketplace on a regular basis, you’ll find that all of a sudden, a product that wasn’t there the day before is all of a sudden number 1 in the marketplace with a gravity of about 300. Gravity is the number of affiliates making money selling the product. Ever wonder how these products get gravities so high?

Well, here’s the deal…

The top products in the Clickbank Marketplace basically get there with this process:

– The product is handled by a network.
– One person in the network is responsible for creating the product.
– Another person is responsible for the sales process.
– Finally, and this is the critical part of the whole thing, another person is responsible for recruiting affiliates. And what this person does is he emails his list of thousands of marketers, tells them a new product is out, and tells them to go and promote it.

After that, it’s off to the races and suddenly you have hundreds of people making money promoting this product.

That is why, as a single marketer with a new product, you can’t possibly get your product up to the top of the marketplace unless you have a huge network like that. It’s almost certainly not going to happen.

Now, this isn’t a knock on the product. It could be a great product or it could be a crap product. That’s just it. You DON’T know. The product got to where it is simply because of the network.

So the next time you check out the Clickbank Marketplace and want to know how that XYZ product that wasn’t there the other day is all of a sudden number one… now you know!

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