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Why Didn’t My Conversions Go Up After Hiring a Copywriter?

Well, you went and did it. You hired the big gun copywriter that you always wanted to get. You spent thousands of dollars on this top notch copy. Your product was converting at a lowly 1% with your old copy. You roll out this new gem and conversions go up to a stunning… 1.2%. Huh? What happened? Why didn’t this big name copywriter have your product selling through the roof? Well, I’m going to tell you some potential reasons why, but you may not like the answers. See, some things are out of the copywriter’s control. I’m going to cover them here.

The first thing is your price. I don’t know how some product owners come up with the prices that they do, but a price that is either too low or too high isn’t going to convert as well as a price that is just right. And this requires testing. However, the point is, your copywriter can only work with the price that you give him to work with. If you’re determined to sell your widget for $47 when all your direct competitors are selling theirs for $27, you’re probably not going to make as many sales.

After price, there is your guarantee. Now I realize that if you’re selling your product through Clickbank that you’re stuck with their fixed guarantee at a minimum. However, if possible, by increasing your guarantee length, you can, in many cases, increase your conversions. I sometimes offer 6 month or even 1 year guarantees on my products. This is another thing that is beyond the copywriter’s control. He can only work with the guarantee that you give him.

Then, of course, there are your bonuses, or lack thereof. Like it or not, most people expect to get bonuses when they buy something. That’s just the nature of the beast these days. I don’t like it but that’s the way it is. So if you don’t offer anything that’s going to hurt your conversions. But you can’t just offer any old bonuses. You have to offer bonuses that are really worth something. Again, this is something that is out of the control of your copywriter.

Finally, there are your testimonials. You need them! And even if you do have them, you want them to be the right kind. Some people just don’t know how to give them. They’ll send you something that is so lame, it’s not even worth putting in print. Well, guess what? Your copywriter can’t do anything about these. You can’t fudge testimonials. You have to print them just as you get them.

So before you start throwing stones at your copywriter, take a good look at these four items. They may be the REAL reason why your conversions are in the toilet.

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