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Keep On Writing Those Articles

I’ve been told the importance of article marketing for targeted traffic and have seen results. It never ceases to amaze me though. I check my blog stats daily to see where my traffic is coming from and I almost always see stats from an ezine where I am published. Some of the articles are close to a year old (when I first started in this business) but I will admit that most are from my more recent articles.

Why would that be, you may ask. Its because practice makes perfect..that’s why. I never thought I was much of a writer though it was not difficult for me. Come on, I’m a math teacher. My articles became better, maybe a little more interesting and gave some information that was useful to people. Who knew?

Keep writing and reading articles to see what others are doing. Don’t think that because it has been written about before that you can’t give a different twist. I struggled with that for a long time because I honestly thought that I didn’t really have anything special to say. That is not true…ever!

Article marketing is not just about writing for your niche. Write about anything and everything. Its your presence (and resource box) that will brand you. Don’t lose sight of that concept. You would be surprised about how many people are actively seeking information that you are able to give.

Remember, there will always be someone out there who is just starting out in this business and wants to absorb everything, try anything and do what it takes to be successful.

I’m one of them.

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