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The Real Truth About ASD

I am writing this article as a warning to anybody who plans to get involved with ASD – Ad Surf Daily. I have no vested interest in the company and my review is totally unbiased based on years of marketing and financial experience. It is my hope that you will seriously take these warnings before investing in this program.

Ad Surf Daily (ASD) is an auto surf program. The concept is simple. You pay a fee to have your site advertised to the other members. In return, every 90 days, you received a return on that fee called a rebate. So let’s say you put in $100 in advertising fees. In 90 days, according to the current interest rate, you would get back $125, or a $25 profit. In theory, this all seems perfectly innocent and sound. The problem is, the model isn’t sustainable and will eventually collapse. I will explain why.

Let’s for argument sake say that there are 60,000 members, which as of this point in time is what they have. If each member were to put in $100 say on January 1, on April 1, each member would have to be paid $125 or a total of 7.5 million. Now, the members have the option of leaving the money in and compounding it even more. I won’t go into further number crunching because you can see where this starts to add up very fast.

This extra money that has to be paid out, has to come from somewhere. It comes from the newer members. Now, here is where we run into the problems. When the members involved, the ones looking for really big payouts, leave their money in for so long and in huge amounts ($5,000 invested or more) when the time comes to cash out, the money needed to pay them is so astronomical that it actually exceeds the quarterly income of some of the biggest companies on the Internet. If you do the crunching, you will see that this is just not sustainable.

All programs of this kind that have come before it have all either collapsed or have been shut down by the FTC. Therefore, you are literally taking a HUGE risk by getting involved with ASD or any program like it. Look up some old programs like 12 Daily Pro or YMMSS and you will see the ugly histories of these programs. Financial analysts and mathematicians have proven that these models aren’t sustainable because of the high compounding factors and none of these programs are big enough to take in the required income from outside sources to keep them afloat for more than a short period of time. The end result…complete collapse.

So please do yourself a favor…find something else to invest your money in!

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