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Is There An Ultimate Online Marketing Strategy?

I get asked a lot of questions, almost on a daily basis. It’s great being popular, but sometimes even I don’t have all the answers. And sometimes the answers are not what people want to hear. The question, “Is there an ultimate marketing strategy” is one of those questions where people don’t want to hear the truth. They want to believe that there is that one thing that they can do that will have them rolling in the bucks at the push of a button. If only it was that easy. Well, it’s not. And in this article, I’m going to give you some truths on marketing strategies and a few tips to boot.

First, some truths. There is no one marketing method that is hands down the best. Each method has its good and bad. Either the method is very expensive, takes a lot of time to work, doesn’t reach as many people as you would like it to, isn’t targeted enough, or something else — there are countless reasons why one strategy is almost never enough.

Let’s take Google Adwords as an example… Yes, it’s a very effective form of promotion as it is very targeted. However, it does have its problems. For one thing, as big as Google is, it only reaches a certain of the internet population and only so many people click on the adwords listings. So relying only on Google alone is leaving a lot of money on the table. In addition to that, it can be very expensive, especially in some niches.

Or think about search engine optimization (SEO) as another example. It is highly targeted and brings in amazing traffic to the point that is has literally created countless online millionaires in thousands of different industries. To this day, there is no better way to bring in the right visitors to a website. However, you can spend a TON of time and effort on search engine optimization without getting anywhere. In fact, you can even destroy your entire online presence / business overnight by overdoing SEO to the point of getting penalized. It can be the greatest thing you’ve ever done or the worst. This strategy is probably the best overall for most businesses but it is definitely one that’s better left to the professionals that live & breathe SEO, and keep up with the ever-changing industry. I wouldn’t venture into this on your own unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

Let’s look at article marketing, which I do a lot of. While this will reach a significant amount people, because you’re not limited to just one search engine to pick up your articles, it is also very time consuming. For one thing, you have to write a lot of articles to get any significant amount of traffic. Some people think that they can write one article, put it out there, and the traffic will come pouring in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. I’ve been writing articles for years and it took quite some time before I started to get a significant amount of traffic from them.

Then, there is social media, which comes with a whole truck full of its own pros and cons. Plus multiple other forms of internet marketing strategies.

Anyway, I could keep going but I think you get the idea. The point is, if you’re relying on just one form of promotion to advertise your products and services, you’re not going to get the traffic that you’re looking for. So what’s the answer? You need to focus on many things in order to get the most exposure to your site. I use Adwords, SEO, article marketing, social media, guest blogging, forums, email marketing, videos, forums, and several other things in order to get my sales message out there. The result? I rake in over 6 figures a year purely online.

Find what works for you and go for it!

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