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How to Find Home Business Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Are you looking for a home business data entry clerk job? Or maybe you have heard of these data entry clerk jobs and thought it sounded like something you might want to do but aren’t completely sure what it means? You are in luck because I am going to shed some light on the subject in this post.

First of all, I want to point out that a “home business” and a “home job” are two completely different things. Many people use the terms interchangeably but they are actually not the same thing – though they do have some similarities and overlap.

When you have your own home business you are in control of everything. You are not working for anyone else. This can be done as an affiliate marketer, by creating your own products, as a blogger, a network marketer (sort of), an SEO, or many other ways. But you are the one who controls your own destiny and you are dependent on yourself to make money.

When you have a work at home job, you will be working for someone else out of your home. They will pay you, they will decide what work needs done, and they will be in control of you in many ways. This is typically what a data entry job consists of.

Both of them have pros and cons. With a home business you have virtually unlimited income potential and there are an almost endless amount of opportunities available to you for making money. But it usually takes longer to start bringing in a good income from a home business and you can often do a lot of work without getting anything in return. With a home job you are not in control of your income potential and won’t make nearly as much money in the long run. However, you do have the peace of mind of knowing that you are going to do a certain amount of work and get paid for that work.

I personally think that you can either have a home business of your own or a data entry job. However, since many people don’t differentiate between the two, I will discuss them as combined term called, “home business data entry clerk jobs” and tell you a little more about what you will be doing and where to find them.

There are a lot of companies that will pay pretty good money for data entry so if you can land one of these jobs it can be a pretty good gig to do from home. If you want to make money from home part time, without running a full blown home business, then a data entry clerk job might be a good opportunity for you.

Most data entry jobs don’t require any special skills or experience. All you really need is computer access, the internet, and the ability to accurately enter data. The only real skills that data entry clerks need is the ability to type quickly, accurately, and be good with small details.

One of the top places to find data entry clerk jobs is at a place called, Data Entry Made Easy. They offer a great opportunity for to start your home business as a data entry clerk.

For a small one-time fee you can join Data Entry Made Easy, and you will instantly have access to the step-by-step tutorials in the exclusive members area. This access is good forever, so you’ll have an incredibly simple and never ending way to make money online! It’s constantly updated, so you’ll be sure to always have all the latest information.

You will be given access to a huge database of companies that need you to fill out forms for them, and you can start your data entry home business and be making money in as little as a few minutes! There are literally thousands of companies to choose from. You can browse through the list and pick the companies you want to work with. Keep in mind, that there is no approval process and it’s completely free to do data entry work for these companies! Every one of these companies will accept you. They need people like you to be data entry clerks for them.

Here are some more places to find home business data entry clerk jobs:

1. If you search for “work at home” on Google or get more specific and search for “Data Entry Job” or other similar searches, there are plenty of work at home and home business websites that can help you to find the right data entry clerk job. Remember not to ever actually pay for a data entry clerk job (or any other home job). You might have to pay for information or access to a database of jobs but don’t ever pay to actually get the job.

2. Work at home employers – Click on the “employers” tab and you will find a page with lots of trusted employers who hire people to do work from home. There is a section for data entry and typing from home.

3. Flex jobs has a specific category for data entry jobs and transcription.

There you have it, some more information about home business data entry clerk jobs and where you can find them! Now get out there and start making money in your own data entry home business.

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