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The Fight for Recognition!

Well, the title might get you wondering what this is going to be about! You might think I just took a leaf out of Steve’s last post to grab your attention and you’d be right! Well, after my last post here which is buried somewhere way back, which I entitled Social Links, I thought I’d carry on its theme a way further.

So what kind of recognition am I talking about here? You’ll have to read on to find out…

All Internet Marketers worth their salt know that if they want their websites to be seen by the kind of visitors, or traffic, that is going to click their ads and make money for them, they need to show well in the search engine results. And any old search engine will not do. If you want the big numbers, it has to be Google, simply because they are way the biggest and attract by far the most people searching for stuff.

The problem is that getting your website or blog to feature on page one for your main keywords is about as easy as climbing a mountain with one arm tied behind your back. Not impossible, just dang difficult!

To make an appreciable dent in Google’s SERPs, your site needs lots of good quality backlinks from a lot of different albeit relevant places. And your competition fighting you for that first page place are not going to help you to leap-frog over them! So where do you get enough quality links to take on your competitors and steal their traffic? How do you know what you need to beat them? Most people simply don’t have the resources to take on the front runners directly.

But you can box clever.

A useful tool like SEO Elite will tell you how many links your competition has got and what quality they are. In most niches that are not too competitive, such as make money, credit cards, loans, weight loss etc you actually do stand a fighting chance of moving up into the big league. Especially if you know what you need to do in order to get there. And knowing what in-links your competing sites have, means you can go out and get the same as them plus just enough more to overtake them.

Getting that Recognition

It’s not rocket science, but it takes some guile, a fair dose of hard work and the determination to win. And you’ll get there. Google won’t make it easy for you, of course as they are constantly tinkering with their index so you can never be too sure if one method that worked last week will still work today.

But the sure fire methods of getting links that have always worked still work today, such as those I pointed out over at my main site, The Honest Way on the post: How to Get Legitimate Backlinks – the link will take you straight there in a new tab or window so you don’t have to leave this site to read it.

A word of warning: Don’t use duplicate content when getting backlinks. Google are on to it and won’t count the links embedded in duplicates. Better to submit 10 quality original articles with your keyword anchored links in the resource box to the best article directories such as Ezine Articles and the like than submit a thousand to every one and his dog and have 999 of them ignored! Its more work but worth it in the long run.

As always: be positive, be tenacious and be successful!

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