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Copywriting Tips For The Internet Marketer

If you’re an internet marketer (you are, right?) you know that if you’re creating your own product or sales funnel, outsourcing the sales copy is very expensive. Copywriting costs are astronomical for anyone worth their salt. You can typically spend anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000 (often much more) on a single sales letter, depending on who you get to write it for you. And the waiting list for the big guys is months or even years long. Well, I am going to give you some good basic tips on writing your own copy that just might save you a few hundred/thousand bucks.

Let’s start with your headline. If you get this part right, you’ve got a huge chance of making the sale. Why? Because your headline will account for about 80% of your sales. Okay, but what’s a great headline? Essentially, a great headline is one that points out the main benefit of getting the product and solves a pain point for the potential customer. For example, if you’re selling a natural acne cure, a headline like “Cure Your Acne In 3 Days Naturally… Guaranteed!” will work wonders. This will get the prospect to read the rest of the sales page.

As for the content of your sales page, the best way to keep the prospect interested is to tell stories. Don’t bore them with a lot of facts. Facts tell, stories sell. You want to engage your reader. So tell him something about your personal experience with the product. Tell him how the product has changed YOUR life. Let your personality shine throughout the sales letter.

As far as the offer itself, you have to make it an offer that is almost impossible to refuse. Only you can do this. It’s your product. So check out what other competing products are going for and see if you can beat their offer. First off, make your product better than all of your competitors. Secondly, if it is feasible, beat their prices. If most products like yours are going for $97, then selling yours for $77 may make it an offer that people won’t be able to turn down.

The most important part next to the headline is the closing statement. You don’t want to close with something wimpy like, “Click below to order.” That is a terrible call to action. You need to put the words in the prospect’s mouth. “Yes Joe, I Must Have This Incredible System For Earning Money NOW!” That is how you close a sale. Make it as if they are talking to themselves and are forced to buy from somewhere within.

Naturally, there is really more to this than I can include in an article. That’s why I’ve found for you what I believe is probably the best book ever written on the subject of copywriting for internet marketers — and NOT for somebody who wants to be a copywriter. It will give you all the tools you need to write copy that converts for your own products or affiliate products.

There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on sales letters if you don’t have to! Plus, you learn a skill that you can continue to use forever, and keep making money from it!

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