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Commission Blueprint Review — I’m Sold!

I recently came across a product called the Commission Blueprint, which claims to show you the insider affiliate strategy for quickly making thousands of dollars from clickbank products. Now that might sound like a bunch of crap, I know I don’t ever believe claims like that when I read sales pages.

However, as you read further down the page you will notice that Ewen Chia, the man widely recognized as the #1 Super Affiliate in the World, has given his testimonial for this product and recommends it! This is what first caught my attention and made me want to look into it further.

And that’s not all…

Well-known and respected internet marketers such as Michael Rasmussen, Alex Goad, Dylan Loh, and several others have also given their testimonial for the Commission Blueprint and are recommending it as well. These are some of the top internet marketers in the world with huge reputations to protect and they are publicly endorsing this product. I would say that speaks extremely highly of it without knowing anything else about it!

Sure, just about every product has testimonials on its sales page but it’s not often you find so many big name members of the internet marketing industry all giving their recommendations to one product. There’s no doubt that Commission Blueprint is rare when it comes to that.

This is what “sold me” and I decided to buy it!

So what is the Commission Blueprint?

“A No-holds Barred Step-By-Step Blueprint Stuffed Full of the Most Ultra Advanced, Job Crushing Techniques That Pump So Much Money Out of Google and Clickbank, You Simply Won’t Believe It!”

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in the Commission Blueprint…

* The secret Google tactics we use to cash in up to $125,000 per month in Clickbank checks… and how you can copy them and replicate our success.

* An “idiot proof” technique which spits out highly profitable campaigns that rake in unstoppable affiliate commissions like clockwork.

* How to ‘Xray’ the thousands of ClickBank products to determine which ones will generate millions and which will leave you flat broke.

* How to use psychological manipulation to create landing pages that “force” people to buy. We’ll even let you copy one that makes us 4 figures a week from two keywords on the Google content network!

* A “back door” strategy that cunningly spies on your competition and allows you to steal their campaigns and replicate them repeatedly until you’re making as much money as you could ever need or want.

* How to break away from the BS and lies to discover the real reason why you’ve consistently failed to enter the super affiliate league. (In fact, we already know why even though we’ve never met!)

* A “watch & copy” 5 hour video course revealing the exact steps needed to dominate Adwords and make thousands of dollars per day, no matter how many times you’ve failed with the system before.

…and that’s barely getting started on what’s included in the Commission Blueprint!

Honestly there is WAY too much for me to tell you all about it here. I mean, we are talking about a whopping 14 videos and 3 PDF manuals covering everything you will ever need to know about making money online. And I am not just talking about making a few dollars here and there… This is insane amounts of money! The kind of money that super affiliates make every day!

That’s about it for this short and sweet Commission Blueprint Review. All I can do now is tell you to go check it out for yourself: Commission Blueprint. I recommend it and so do MANY others.

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  1. Love your work at home based business blog. It is very informative so far and I am off to read the other posts to see what else I can learn. Keep up the great work!

  2. For home money seekers Says:
    September 15th, 2008 at 7:19 am

    Hi, nice home business post. I’ve never heard of commission blueprint before but now I am very interested. Thanks for sharing this money making system.

  3. I’ve heard some great things about this make money online blog. It has a lot of great work at home information. I’ll be back. Cheers for now!

  4. Great work at home based business advice! I hope you don’t mind if I put a link from my make money online blog to this post. Thanks!

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