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How to Make Money Online Selling Advertising

One of the best ways to make money online is by selling advertising on your website or blog. If you have built up a popular site then it’s pretty easy to find people who will pay you to advertise on it. I’ve made thousands of dollars from people buying advertising on my websites.

Part of the allure of selling advertising is that the income is residual. You pretty much know how much you are going to make each month and you don’t always have to be hoping for affiliate sales, Adsense clicks or other ways you make money from your website via your visitors performing an action. Sure you will probably have some advertisers cancel each month and have to find new ones to replace them but for the most part income from selling advertising is consistent.

There are services out there that will help find advertisers for you but they will take a percentage of the earnings. One popular service that does this is usually referred to as TLA. These services can be good because they make it a lot easier to find advertisers. However, I don’t use them because I like to get all the money from advertisers on my sites and I want to be in control of who is advertising on my sites. Plus, Google doesn’t like these services so they might take away your PR and drop your rankings if they find you are using them.

Personally, I like to find the advertisers myself so I don’t have to worry about losing any of the revenue or having the possibility of links being placed on my site to websites that I don’t want on there. This is more work because once you find them you have to take the payments, put up their ads and keep track of them. But it’s not very hard if you get a good system in place.

Here are some things I have learned about how to make money online selling advertising since I started doing it about three years ago:

* Be specific on what your advertising options and prices are. A confused advertiser will either not pay you to advertise on your site or they will complain later because they didn’t get what they thought they were paying for. If you look at any of my advertising pages you will see that I always lay out exactly what they get and how much it will cost.

* Offer a lot of options. Again if you look at any of my home business advertising pages you will see that I typically offer 10+ advertising options. Having more options increases the chances that you have an option that will fit the needs of most potential advertisers. You can’t make money selling advertising if you don’t have options that people want.

* Set the right price. It’s difficult to know exactly how much you should be charging but you want to get it close because if you overcharge you will lose advertisers and if you undercharge you won’t be maximizing your earnings. Take a look at what other sites in your niche with similar traffic as yours are charging and go from there.

* Only accept certain ads. You don’t want to have ads and links on your site to other sites that aren’t even remotely related to yours. You also don’t want bad neighborhood or banned sites linked from yours. Be sure to state on your advertising page what sites you will and won’t accept. And check each new advertiser’s site before accepting the ad. Deny them and refund their money if you need to.

* Don’t be sneaky. You must give your advertisers what they pay for. Don’t cut their ad time short, or hide it, or do anything else sneaky and unethical. You will lose advertisers very quickly if you do this. You can’t make money if your advertisers are mad.

* Keep track of the ads. You don’t want to accidentally remove an ad that shouldn’t be deleted or keep an ad up long after they have cancelled. Make sure you know which ads are supposed to be up and which need to be taken down.

* Put the ads up quickly. When an advertisers pays for a spot on your site you should get the ad up very quickly. They have already paid for the spot for a specified amount of time and you are wasting their money if you don’t put it up right away.

* Promote your advertising. You can’t make money selling advertising if nobody knows they can buy ads on your site. You should actively promote that you allow advertising on your site/blog. Get keyword anchored inbound links to your advertising page so you can rank higher in search engines, tell other site owners in your niche, put links to it in forum signatures and blog posts, etc… Any way you can to get the word out.

That’s basically all there is to it. Now you know how to make money online selling advertising. It’s one of the best ways to make money from your website or blog and I highly recommend it as an additional source of income.

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