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Understanding What Your Market Wants

With the crappy economy, things were looking pretty lousy for the month of October, which still has a week to go as of this article. Sales were down and I was down. It had been a long time since I had run into a spell like this. But I wasn’t going to let it defeat me. I was determined to figure out how I could salvage this month.

So I sat down and thought. What does my target market want? I mean, what do they REALLY want? Well, they want to make money. That’s the bottom line. But they don’t want to kill themselves to do it. They want to come as close to pushing a button as they can and have the money appear.

Okay, as unrealistic as that is, I thought about it a lot. Was there anything that I did that was even close to pushing that button…something that anybody could do? Well, I went through my arsenal of stuff and found something that I did that was pretty fast and easy income. I was fairly certain that anybody could do this.

The next step was to go through the process and see if I could explain it in simple to understand English. More importantly, could I explain it so that it was in step by step format that anybody could follow? I realized that I could do this so I actually walked through the entire process, writing everything down as I went.

After I had the whole process written, I then made videos of it. This was to add value to the package.

I then created my sales page and priced this at a price that would make it impossible to turn down. See, offering a great product is one thing, but when you do that in combination with an amazing offer, that’s when you have a winner on your hands.

I then put together my payment processing and uploaded everything to my server. I then ran my offer.

Inside of 6 hours I had made over 2K. Not bad for a $15 product.

The point is, I understood my market. I knew what it was that they wanted and I gave it to them. The response to this offer has been amazing and still is.

If you want to know what it is that has everybody talking, check my signature below.

Understand what your market wants. Once you do that, you’ll start making sales on a regular basis.

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