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Will The Elections Affect YOUR Business?

The short answer is yes. If you aren’t interested in the long answer and the caveat, you can skip what follows. But if you REALLY care about your business and want to make the most of it regardless of what happens, then you might want to keep reading.

Okay, here are the plain facts. We do NOT live in a bubble. Everything we do is affected by everything that the world has to throw at us. The unfortunate side of business for some is the windfall for others. Think I’m kidding? Let’s look at some examples.

Up until recently, gas prices were through the roof. This really hurt car sales of SUVs and similar vehicles. However, smaller cars started to sell more. But even beyond that, did you see all the products coming out for turning water to gas and all that other BS? This gas crisis was a windfall for these products. If I’m not mistaken, up until recently, Water4gas was one of the top selling Clickbank products.

Let’s take a look at the economy. The housing crisis has been a real downer for those of us trying to sell our homes. It is a total buyers market. So the guy who came out with a book on how to sell YOUR house for the price YOU want EVEN in a buyers market, is selling like crazy.

Yes, one person’s unfortunate circumstance is the other person’s windfall. So yes, the elections tonight WILL affect your business.

But how?

Ah, that is hard to say. Depends on who wins and where the economy goes in the near future. When the economy is good, sales are generally good all the way around. But even when the economy is bad, sales in certain areas can still be good.

For example, in bad economic times where people are either losing their jobs or afraid of losing their jobs, this is when these people turn to the Internet to try to earn some extra money. Perhaps you’re one of them. I lost my job over 8 years ago. I was literally forced to turn to the Internet to earn a living. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Last month I had my second month over $14,000 in income.

The key is not letting adversity get to you. If something bad happens, that means you have to find a way to turn that into your advantage. To do that, you have to keep up with the current trends.

In my signature is a product that will help you do just that. You will know just what to jump on and when. These trends could means hundreds of dollars more income per day.

So don’t worry about the elections.

Whoever wins, you’ll be prepared.

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