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How to Get 4 Steps Closer To Landing A Telecommuting Job

You made the decision to telecommute from a home office. Now what? How do you get started?

Follow these four important steps and be prepared for what lies ahead in finding a telecommuting job:

1. Resume
A telecommuting resume is different than your regular type resume. Your resume is your “second” impression; it’s your ticket to getting a job so make it stand out and get noticed!

It is important to include a job objective because this is the first thing a telecommuting employer will see and read. This is a simple paragraph summarizing what you want in a job and what you can offer to the company. Again, add some pizzazz to it.

Highlight your independence, skills and work experience. Volunteer work also counts, so include these as well. If you’ve done telecommuting before, let them know! This will show them you are experienced and it will give them a sense of comfort. Let them know of your accomplishments and special skills. These attributes can be the deciding factor between you and someone else.

Make sure your resume looks professional, uncluttered and only contain pertinent information pertaining to the job you’re applying for. Sloppiness, incomplete and missing information directly reflects who you are. Take the time to proofread or have someone proofread your resume and cover letter for spelling errors, grammar, clarity and so forth.

2. Cover Letter
A telecommuting cover letter is just as important as a resume and it should be customized to each job you’re applying for. Generic cover letters don’t work and will never be seen by the employer.

A quality cover letter is your gateway; your first impression. Stress why you are perfect for the position and how you would be an asset to their company. You can use a particular experience related to the position you’re applying for to market yourself. If you have a stellar cover letter and is backed by a stellar resume, your chance of gaining a telecommuting job has just increased.

3. Research
Researching a company is important in deciding whether it’s a company you would like to work for. The Internet is a free research portal; as with many various work at home blogs and forums where specific companies legitimate and non-legitimate companies are sometimes discussed at great lengths.

4. Consistence, Persistence and Perseverance
Consistency, persistence and perseverance are key contributing factors in finding a telecommuting job. It won’t be easy and it will take a lot of hard work and effort.

Apply, apply, apply and then do follow ups if you haven’t received any response within two weeks or so. Pursue and research every un-researched job lead you’re interested in and don’t get discouraged. Re-evaluate your job search if you haven’t found employment within a reasonable time, but also give it time.

These four steps are crucial to your telecommuting job search so be sure to follow them to ensure the best possible outcome.

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