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How to Make Money Selling Advertising on Your Blog

If you have a blog and it gets a decent amount of traffic then you are probably looking for ways to earn money from it. One of the best ways to make money blogging is to sell advertising on it. All you have to do at this point is find people who want to pay you to advertise on your blog. That might sound difficult but it can actually be done fairly easy. In this post I will give you some useful tips for finding blog advertisers

Here are some ways to find advertisers for your blog so you can make more money from it…

1. Google your main keyword phrase and a few of your secondary keyword phrases. Now, take a look at the Adwords ads at the top of the search results. These ads are from businesses and entrepreneurs who are promoting websites in your niche to make money, and they are paying for traffic. You already know they are willing to spend money advertising for your keywords, so why not try to contact them and see if they want to advertise on your blog? They could buy a banner or text link on your blog for a set dollar amount per month.

2. Find other sites/blogs in the same niche, or similar niches, as yours that sell advertising and contact the people advertising on them to let them know you also sell ads on your site. You could even ask the blog owner where he gets his advertisers. Most bloggers are very helpful and would be happy to give you some information.

3. Go to the sections of forums or facebook groups in your niche where you can post that you are selling advertising. That should get you quite a few new advertisers. You could also post a special offer for ads spots on your blog.

4. Check out various affiliate networks and see if you can find affiliates who might be interested in advertising on your site.

5. Take a look at offline advertisers. This one is a little more complicated because you are dealing with people who are not usually as internet savvy as those above. However, if you look in newspapers and magazines in your local area, you might find businesses in your niche that would be interested in advertising on your blog. You’ll probably have to educate them a little so preparing a short report with screen shots of traffic and keywords would be a good idea. Don’t talk down to these folks because they aren’t stupid, but realize that terms you consider to be common (like RSS) might be a foreign language to them.

That is about all you really need to find advertisers so you can make money from your blog. There are plenty of other ways to make money blogging but selling advertising is definitely one of the best, and it’s relatively easy to do. Go find a few new advertisers right now using the methods above and before you know it, you will be a master at it, and making bank!

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