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How to Start a Home Business for Moms

There are thousands of moms who make money working at home with a “moms home business” on a full time basis or just part time to earn a little extra income. Often times it starts out as a way to make money from home while still being able to stay with the kids, but in many cases it eventually turns into a full time income for the entire family.

For single moms, as well as wives with husbands who have lost their jobs, found themselves in need of another income, or whatever other situation — the need to be a work at home mom can be urgent and necessary.

How do moms start a home business?

You need to be careful when you are looking for ways to make money at home. You will see a lot of ads online, as well as offline, and it can be hard to distinguish the genuine home business opportunities from the scams.

First, remember that legitimate home business opportunities do not use spam or any illegal marketing methods. If you receive an ad in an email from a name you don’t recognize or a list that you did not sign up for, you should delete it right away without giving it a second thought. Of course sometimes it is hard to remember what lists you signed up for and what you didn’t, but if it looks or reads strangely or doesn’t have a physical postal address and a way to unsubscribe automatically, it is probably spam.

If you are old enough then you probably remember the scams that used to run as “job” ads in the newspapers that would tell you they had work available but you had to pay a fee to get the instructions or equipment. People would send the money and wouldn’t receive anything, or if they did it would be useless. These kinds of scams do still exist offline but for the most part they have moved online. Never pay for a work at home job, and if you are paying to join a home business opportunity, always be sure that you are getting something for your money.

One of the benefits of the internet is that it is easy to research a company or business opportunity before you join. There are many online forums and blogs where you can find feedback from people who have joined and will tell whether it worked for them or not. Of course with any opportunity there are some people who will like it and some who will not, but with a real scam just about all of the feedback will be negative. So spend a few minutes checking that before you spend your time or money on a moms work at home business opportunity.

One of the easiest ways for moms to get started with a home business is to look for a network marketing opportunity, sometimes called multi-level marketing (MLM). There are many of these in almost every imaginable market. As a mom, you probably know a lot of people who might be interested in stuff for babies, household goods, health care products, nutritional products, beauty products, etc… You can find a home business opportunity selling any of those. Search online for “network marketing beauty products” or “MLM health” or whatever interests you.

Many opportunities will tell you to start out by selling to your warm market which is just another term for your family and friends. I advise against that because it is not usually easy to sell to people you know. Close family and friends may buy from you once just to help you out but you may feel bad about it. They also may not like that you are using the relationship to try to make money. Instead of asking your friends to buy your products it is often better to ask them to help out by hosting a get together where you can demonstrate the products to other moms that they know.

However, there is a way for moms to succeed in a network marketing home business without doing any of this. It is called attraction marketing.

“Attraction marketing” has become the buzzword of MLM recently. It involves building up your presence so that people start to hear about you and approach you. This beats the discouraging experience of trying to push your products onto everybody you meet. So you should look for a company that will train you in attraction marketing and internet marketing methods rather than expecting you to find all of your customers from among your personal friends, peers, and contacts.

The internet can be a great place to use attraction marketing. You can set up blogs and websites, social medial accounts, and so much more and gradually build up a following on them or get them ranked highly in the search engines by learning how to make money online with SEO. Then people will find you when they are searching for information on the types of products that you sell.

It’s also a lot easier to bring in other members this way to build your personal “sales force” of affiliates or “downline” team as it is typically called in network marketing. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to do this right now. It’s easier than you think and there is plenty of information and resources online that you can learn from. You will likely need some help along the way, so look for a mom’s home business that understands the importance of training you in how to use internet marketing to build your business.

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