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Top Work At Home Job Choice: Non-Phone Jobs

I see it, I hear it, I read it every single day. The top work at home job choice is non-phone jobs.

Through various work at home job forums a lot of people work in customer service because they are readily available and I suppose people really don’t mind all that much or why would they work in that field? What I also know is a lot of people work several >work at home jobs to meet their income needs per month. When they aren’t manning the phones, they are working one or more of these non-phone jobs.

1. Data Entry
They are still very hard to find, but if you try freelance sites you can get temporary work for the time being which may lead to something more permanent in the future and if it isn’t permanent it can be recurring.

2. Transcription
Legal or general as medical transcription requires at least one year off-site work before telecommuting. Transcription is the next closest thing to data entry.

3. Mystery Shopping
It’s a fun thing to do and you can make some decent extra cash. It requires you to leave the house, but it’s still better than spending time on the phone.

4. Online Expert Answers
These are expert guides who get paid to answer questions. It’s like using Google search engine, but you have a human responding.

5. Search Engine Evaluators
Google and Leapforce have temporary contract positions. Quality Raters evaluate search engine results.

6. Texting
Texting is mostly adult-oriented. The client texts via phone and you answer back via computer. It’s not for everyone, but you can make pretty decent money.

7. Website Tester
You review websites based on the company’s requirements.

Other non-phone jobs include freelance writing, court research which requires visits to your county’s courthouse and some online teaching or tutoring positions. For some extra money on the side, you can involve yourself in mock juries and paid forum posting.

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