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5 Places to Find the Best Home Business Information

When looking for home business information it can be challenging to figure out where the best places are to find the best and most accurate information. However, there are certain places that are proven resources. Here are five of the best…

1. Online – When searching online for home business information you need to be careful. Just searching anywhere will expose you to the scams and false information as well as the best home business information. The best places to find valid information online is on message boards and forums as well as on social networking sites and via youtube videos. Many of the people who hang out on these sites have worked hard to establish credibility and to share valid and useful home business information. As with all places though you still need to use your common sense.

2. From business networking groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, BNI and more – Most of the people who attend these groups already have a business, but even if you do not you can attend and network with the people there to find out about what home business opportunities are out there. This can be a great resource since many home business owners attend and you can meet them and get information from them in person.

3. From – This is the government’s official website for small business. Many of the resources focus on small businesses as well as home businesses but this is nonetheless a great resource for accurate home business information.

4. From friends and family – Chances are good that you have at least a few people in your friends and family circle who are involved or who have been involved in home businesses in the past. They can be great sources of information as long as you are careful about how you ask. You want to make sure that you get information from a first-hand source and from people who are successful and who actually know what they are talking about.

5. From trade shows – Many of the exhibitors at women’s shows, boutiques, home shows and other similar shows are home business owners and they would be happy to give you some of the best home business information you can find. Furthermore, speaking with them gives you a great way to speak one on one with someone who is doing what you may be considering.

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  1. Making Money On The Web Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Thank you for the great business post. I would add that it is sometimes good to look for business information in Yahoo Answers.

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