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Four Key Manual Traffic Exchange Secrets Exposed!

Manual traffic exchanges offer a quick and easy way for Internet marketers to get traffic to their web pages and can be an effective way to market your online business website provided you apply a few key manual traffic exchange secrets.

If you expect to make money simply by posting your sales pages on a few traffic exchanges, you will most likely be disappointed with the results. Instead, think about why people surf traffic exchanges and design your campaigns around those factors. In most cases, they don’t surf them to read other people’s web pages but to earn credits to get their own pages seen. They will be clicking away from your page just as soon as the timer counts down and they’ve earned their credit.

Worse still, a lot of people use multiple browser tabs to surf several exchanges at the same time, which means that they won’t look at your page for more than a couple of seconds before hitting the next tap and clicking on another traffic exchange page.

That is why a simple squeeze page or lead capture page will work much better for you on traffic exchanges – it has a simple message that can be conveyed in a couple of seconds… Using splash pages instead of sales pages is one of the most important manual traffic exchange secrets…

Ideally the message should be targeted at the audience – TE surfers – and include an element of personal branding to achieve maximum effect. It’s simply a matter of squeezing the best possible results out of a cheap method of promoting an online business. You do that by focusing on where your audience is coming from and getting your name and image as well as your offer in front of them. Personal branding is another key secret to success on traffic exchanges.

Typically, a manual traffic exchange audience consists of people who are looking for ways to get as much traffic to their website as possible for little or no expense. Think about how you can appeal to that need when make your pitch on your lead capture page. Think about how you can get seen across several TEs and build up your personal brand at the same time. TE surfers might not take you up on your offer the first few times they see your page, but each time they see it, if it has your photo, or video and NAME on it, you will be impressing yourself upon them as the go-to person in your field… especially if what you offer is UNIQUE and offers a relevant solution to the typical TE surfer’s problems…

Here’s another traffic exchange secret

**Not all traffic exchanges are equal!**

You need to know how many new members each traffic exchange attracts each week, and how much traffic each traffic exchange delivers. Popular traffic exchanges are capable of attracting a lot of new members every week, bringing hundreds of fresh eyes to your splash pages.

Seek out and join the most popular traffic exchanges because they are the ones that are likely to be growing fastest and will have the largest membership base for you to appeal to. You can find out which are the 100 most popular traffic exchanges by checking the Affiliate Funnel Rank Report.

Finally, you will need to track the performance of your splash pages across the traffic exchanges. If you don’t track your results you will have no way of knowing what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t track your results you can’t systematically improve on them.

That is the “secret” that most TE surfers miss. However, a new development has made it easier for every TE surfer to track their results from now on…

Just recently, traffic exchange experts Paul Kinder, Tim Linden and Jon Olson launched a free service called TE Toolbox which includes a splash page creator, rotator and tracking service all in one convenient place, completely free of charge at the basic level. I have been playing around with TEToolbox and find the free service is perfectly adequate for my TE campaign needs.

If you do your research, appeal to your target audience in a way that suits the medium where they are to be found and track your results, you will have mastered the secrets of manual traffic exchange success and will have set yourself up for TE marketing success!

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