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Best Way for Teens to Make Money Online in Their Spare Time

The job market is tough these days for everyone and that’s especially true for teens that are still in high school or just starting college because they have little education or experience to help them get hired anywhere, and they can’t work full-time. So, the jobs they can get are typically very low paying. Most teens need a way to make money just like the rest of us. They might not have as many bills as most adults but they do have plenty of things they need to pay for, especially if their parents can’t afford to give them money, or simply won’t. So they often go online looking for things they can do to earn money from home.

They are actually several ways for teens to make money online but definitely one of the best is to make money blogging. This is ideal for many teenagers because they are typically very web savvy since they have been using the internet for pretty much their entire lives. And they have the time needed to build a successful blog through frequent updating, link building, and social networking. Plus, there are very few barriers to entry and it can be done for free or very cheap. There are numerous teen bloggers nowadays that are very successful and more getting started every day. It seems like every other time I hear about a newly successful blog these days I find out it’s a teen who owns it.

Several of the top make money online blogs, internet marketing blogs, and other types of home based business / work at home blogs right now are owned by teen bloggers. Not to mention all the teens that are making money blogging about countless other topics in a huge variety of niches that most internet marketers like me never hear about. Almost any topic an adult can start a blog about a teen could do the same, and do a better job at it a lot of the time because they tend to have more free time to focus on it and are often a lot more tech savvy.

It’s really just a matter of finding a good niche (topic) to blog about and then building the blog, which is something just about any teen could learn how to do in less than a day. Then, use the available internet marketing strategies such as link building, video marketing, and social networking to get traffic and make money from the blog. And be sure to update (blog) on a regular basis to keep the content fresh. Most teens have plenty of time to do all of this and more on a daily basis, and that is why so many teen bloggers are finding a lot of success these days.

So, if you are a teen looking for ways to make money online or a parent trying to find ways for your teens to earn some extra money, you should certainly consider the potential to make money blogging. Just remember you can’t make money from home if you don’t take action so get started right away on becoming a work at home teen!

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  1. It’s 100% true… you can make money online with blogs. You just have to build a following that trusts your recommendations.

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