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Here you will find all sorts of free work at home tips and home based business information! We have several experts with years of online business experience covering topics such as…

* Home business opportunities
* Online business ideas
* Internet marketing strategies
* Search engine optimization (SEO)
* Work at home jobs
* Ways to make money online
* Home based business resources
* Traffic tips
* Business news
* Affiliate marketing
* Niche marketing

…and just about everything else pertaining to work at home based business!

My name is Trent Brownrigg and I am the owner of this blog. I’ve been making money online as an internet marketing specialist, SEO consultant, blogger, and online home business mentor since May of 2003. I own numerous websites and have been working from home with my own online home business since about a week after I graduated college. I pretty much just jumped right into becoming a full-time internet marketer and never looked back. I did go back to college to get a marketing degree while building my online business but I have never had a “real” job other than the ones I worked at during high school and college summers to help me get by.

My favorite part about doing this for a living is helping others find financial freedom and create lifestyles they have only dreamed of before, while also being able to enjoy life to the fullest myself. I’ve directly helped hundreds of people start their own home based businesses and couldn’t even tell you how many I have indirectly helped. But I hope to help thousands more before it’s all over!

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