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Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Blunders to Avoid

When I see some of the boneheaded things that some affiliate marketers do, I begin to understand why the failure rate is quoted at 95% or higher. So much of this failure could be avoided if people getting into affiliate marketing would just avoid some of these mistakes that are easy to correct. Well, in this article, I am going to cover just a few of the things that turn aspiring affiliate marketers into failures in a hurry. If you avoid these, you’ll have a much better shot at building a successful affiliate marketing business.

The first thing I want to go over is how they pick their products to promote. Sometimes I think they just close their eyes and pick them randomly. Absolutely no thought goes into this process. Hey, let’s just find the top selling product at Clickbank and market the heck out of it. Um, no offense, but this is probably the stupidest way to go about it. Product selection is critical and just picking the top selling product is NOT the way to go about it. Do your research, be methodical, and find the RIGHT product to promote.

Next on the list is how affiliate marketers promote these products. Laziness doesn’t even begin to describe it in many cases. Most marketers simply take the ads that the product creators kindly write up and blast them all over the internet without changing one word. Let me tell you something, this is no way to promote a product. Think about it. if everybody on the internet promoting this particular product is doing the same thing, how does anybody stand out from the crowd? They can’t! And if they don’t stand out, how can they make any sales? They won’t. This is why this is such a stupid thing to do. You aren’t differentiating yourself at all and people become blind to the same ads/content very quickly.

Finally, there’s getting paid, or more specifically, making sure you’re promoting a product where you know you’re going to get paid. Hey, I’m as guilty of this as anybody else. But after being burned way too many times, I have finally smartened up and made sure I was promoting a product where I could be more than reasonably sure that I was going to get paid for the sales I make. The last time I didn’t get a commission was a very long time ago. Look into the vendor, talk to them, ask around to other people about them, check their reputation, etc… and make sure they are known as the type of person/company that pays their affiliates without any hassle.

There you have it. Those are three of the biggest blunders that I affiliate marketers making on a consistent basis. They pick lousy products, they don’t promote them properly, and they don’t even know if they’re going to get paid for their efforts. Please don’t make the same mistakes that so many affiliate marketing newbies (and even a lot of veterans) make. Nail all of these down and you will be well on your way to becoming an affiliate assassin!

The Real Truth About The Clickbank Marketplace

Every once in a while, you write an article that you know is not only going to take people by surprise, but it’s also going to cause a bit of a ruckus besides. Well, that time has come again. I know a lot of people are unaware of what I am going to disclose today about the Clickbank Marketplace. So hang onto your hats. You’re gonna love this one.

If you check the Clickbank Marketplace on a regular basis, you’ll find that all of a sudden, a product that wasn’t there the day before is all of a sudden number 1 in the marketplace with a gravity of about 300. Gravity is the number of affiliates making money selling the product. Ever wonder how these products get gravities so high?

Well, here’s the deal…

The top products in the Clickbank Marketplace basically get there with this process:

– The product is handled by a network.
– One person in the network is responsible for creating the product.
– Another person is responsible for the sales process.
– Finally, and this is the critical part of the whole thing, another person is responsible for recruiting affiliates. And what this person does is he emails his list of thousands of marketers, tells them a new product is out, and tells them to go and promote it.

After that, it’s off to the races and suddenly you have hundreds of people making money promoting this product.

That is why, as a single marketer with a new product, you can’t possibly get your product up to the top of the marketplace unless you have a huge network like that. It’s almost certainly not going to happen.

Now, this isn’t a knock on the product. It could be a great product or it could be a crap product. That’s just it. You DON’T know. The product got to where it is simply because of the network.

So the next time you check out the Clickbank Marketplace and want to know how that XYZ product that wasn’t there the other day is all of a sudden number one… now you know!

The Importance Of Niche Research

I’m getting away from my normal “ramblings” message because I want to touch on a topic that may just be one of the most important topics when it comes to making a living online… niche research.

Why is this so important?

The reason is because the niche you choose, and how you go about choosing it, may very well mean the difference between success and failure with that niche EVEN BEFORE YOU START PROMOTING IT.

If that sounds like a strong statement for it, there is a reason why.

Let’s take an example, albeit a far fetched example. But it still applies.

Let’s say you had a strong interest in underwater pole vaulting and decided that you want to try to make money online selling books or a course on how to underwater pole vault.

Now, if you didn’t do any research, you’d just go and create the book and start to market it. Eventually, you’d see that you weren’t making any sales. Now, if you had done your research beforehand, you would have found that NOBODY was even looking for information on underwater pole vaulting. Had you done this research, and had any sense at all, you’d decide that this wasn’t a good niche to get into and you should not bother with it.

That’s one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is getting into a niche that has so much competition that there is just no way that you could possibly break into it without a monster advertising budget and some big time marketing skills. And even then, you might not make a dent.

This is why niche research is incredibly important!

Don’t overlook it because you don’t want to take the time, or you THINK your idea is great, or you assume that because you are interested in it then everyone else is too. This can be a huge mistake! A lot of marketers have wasted untold amounts of time and money creating or promoting products that nobody wants.

Review Of Nitro Marketing

Hi again:

I am taking a brief time out from my usual online home business ramblings posts to give you my review of this Nitro Marketing thing that’s going around. I am sure you’re all wondering if it’s the real deal.

Before I answer that, let me tell you what I think of MOST of the stuff in the “make money online” niche…

It’s crap!

It has gotten to the point where I just don’t buy anything anymore. Everything is either rehashed or just plain awful. That’s why I busted my butt to create products that are actually of value. I was convinced that there was nothing out there worth spitting on.

Boy, was I wrong!

Nitro Marketing is the product I wish I had created if I had the time and the manpower. Yes, it took a team to put this thing together and it shows.

In a nutshell, Nitro Marketing is everything that took me a painful 4 years to learn… all wrapped up in one tidy package. It is step by step… just the way my products are…which is partially why I like it so much. For the new person, this is a blueprint that has to work IF you put in the time. I will get to more of that later.

The core of Nitro Marketing is the box principal. This is where they essentially give you a flowchart with all these boxes that need to be filled in order to fully take advantage of your business.

Now, the beauty of this is that you DON’T have to fill ALL the boxes. One person, with just 2 boxes filled, is generating an income of $20,000 a month. I only have a few boxes filled and my monthly income is about $10,000 a month.

Yes, I use this system. I have used it LONG before somebody actually came out with it and I can honestly say that it works.


Let me tell you… I put in some long days. I work very hard to make my online business succeed. Maybe if I took the time to fill in more of those boxes, I’d do better. I am going to start working on them. Finding out that somebody actually put all this together has inspired me to want to do even better myself.

I can honestly say, and I am putting my reputation on the line here, that I have never seen anything like the Nitro Marketing system in all my years of internet marketing… and that includes my OWN products. Yeah, I’m damn jealous.

I strongly recommend that you at least go to their site and read as much as you can there. Sign up for the free reports. They give you more info for free than most products charge you for.

This is the real deal… and it’s about time. That’s all I have to say in my nitro marketing review because there’s no need to ramble on anymore, it speaks for itself!

Affiliate Programs Are Not Just For Joining – You Can Set Up Your Own!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to start a home based business, and it’s no wonder why. Affiliate programs allow individuals to make money marketing a product or service without having to create it on their own. Usually affiliate programs also offer professionally designed websites and marketing tools for affiliates.

An affiliate programs is essentially an advertising model which allows people to earn a share of the revenues from products and services they market on behalf of the original product developers or service providers. An individual can add one or more affiliate products to their existing website, make a new website devoted to the product(s) and/or service(s) they’re selling as an affiliate, or (in many cases) utilize and promote a “cloned” website produced by the product or service provider’s own team of professional web designers.

Affiliate programs are an excellent way for beginners to get started working at home and also a great way for veteran home based business owners to expand their income streams. But one of the best ways to take advantage of the power of affiliate programs is to start your own. Anyone can set up their own affiliate program, even you! If you already have a home based business promoting one or more products and/or services, and you would like to take your income to the next level, starting your own affiliate program is an excellent way to do so.

One huge advantage of having your own affiliate program is that you make money off all your affiliate’s sales in addition to your own. It’s a pay for performance model that will make you more money than you are now while saving you marketing expenses. These days, a vast number of home business owners have their own affiliate programs.

Here’s a very basic outline of how affiliate programs work:

* You recruit your affiliates
* You provide them with the promotional tools
* They sell your product for you
* You pay them a certain percentage (commission) of each sale

Most home business entrepreneurs find that building a network of affiliates is far more profitable than search engine marketing and other paid advertising campaigns. Also, establishing good relationships with your affiliates will not only increase the sales of your products, it will assist greatly with the launching of any new products you come out with.

There’s definitely not a shortage of potential affiliates either. The work at home market is huge and keeps getting bigger. In the increasingly unstable job market, working at home has exploded as one of the top options for people seeking an income or a new career.

Once you have created your product and are ready to start your affiliate program there are a lot of affiliate networks you can join. Two very popular and easy to use options are and

Existing affiliate networks are beneficial in that they will host your program for you and take care of most of the other tasks you would normally have to do yourself. You simply pay a small setup fee and agree to give them a tiny cut of monthly sales. Since they are already very well-established and recognized online, existing affiliate networks will usually go a long way in helping you get more affiliates quickly. This is the kind of exposure most new home based businesses simply can’t get by themselves.

Using the power of affiliate marketing by creating your own affiliate product is a phenomenal way to expand your home based business and sky-rocket your income.