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3 Fundamental Ebook Writing Tips

When it comes to writing an ebook, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of tips, tricks, and advice that can be found online. It seems like everyone knows how to write the perfect ebook in record time, yet so many people are still struggling to get their first ebook actually written. One reason that so many people have problems completing there ebooks, is that they ignore the fundamentals. Here are three fundamental ebook writing tips everyone needs to know.

Don’t Get Fancy

Ebooks are simple tools, there is no reason to complicate them. Some people will spend hours trying to add nifty borders, images, and unique formats or colors (both background and text). None of these will add much if any value to your ebook. In fact, it can actually detract from your content. You should want your readers to focus on the content and avoid the bells and whistles if they do not add anything of value to your reader.

Along the same line of thinking, it is important to manage your whitespace. It can be difficult or even overwhelming for your readers to actually read your ebook if there is not enough whitespace. Whitespace makes people feel comfortable and makes your content easy to read, so take advantage of it.

Create a Simple Structure

While your ebook is meant to be read, some readers will simply scan it and only read a paragraph here and there. The best way to make sure that people scanning your ebook will read as much as possible, create an easy to follow structure that highlights important points. The easiest way to do this is with the use of headings AND subheadings. Headings will let people know what areas of the ebook might interest them, and subheadings will ensure that they will be able to find everything that might interest them with ease. By using this simple structure, people who would rather scan your ebook than read it, will still read a larger amount than they otherwise would have. Additionally, by using headings and subheadings, you will automatically create additional whitespace.

Profitable Practice

Some people are simply not natural writers. In fact, not many people are. Fortunately, there is way for you get practice writing ebooks and profit at the same time. If you have looked into outsourcing, then you may have noticed that getting an ebook written can become expensive. Additionally, it can be frustrating to practice and practice without getting any profitable results. One way to get the practice that you need, plus create profitable end-products is to hire a freelancer to write a set of articles, or to find a good source of PLR articles. These articles can then be used for article marketing, website content, blog content and the like. You can also use these articles as a framework for your ebook. Use them as a guide or even use them as part your ebook. By having professionally written articles as a guide, you can quickly practice writing ebooks, while still generating a profit.

These three fundamental ebook writing tips that everyone needs to know, will help you create ebooks that are easier to read, higher in quality, and even help you practice, while also making a profit.

Product Creation Tips for Online Marketers

I didn’t really start to make a lot of money online until I started to create my own products. You’re probably wondering why that is. Well, I’ll briefly explain and then give you a few product creation tips that I think you’ll want to make note of.

Okay, so why do you want to create your own products as opposed to marketing products that others have created? Well, one reason…competition. when you’re promoting other marketer’s products, you’re going up against all their affiliates. When you’re selling your OWN product, you not only have no competition, but you also have the help of affiliates selling YOUR product.

Having said that, there are a few things you’ll want to do when creating your own product.

At the top of the list, believe it or not, is to give your product a professional appearance. Trust me, in this business, looks are everything. So have an ecover made if it’s an ebook. Whatever the product is, have a matching graphic for it. This will increase, not only the perceived value, but also the number of sales that you make.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that the product is well made. For example, for an ebook, you want to have a table of contents, page numbers, a resource section and so on. You want the product to be as well made as possible. A well made product will bring about sales from previous customers. If they were happy with your first product, they’re more likely than not to buy your second product.

Another important thing to consider when creating your product is what you’re going to charge for it. If you’ve done your research correctly, in order to determine if anybody will even want your product, you’ve found that there are other products already out there similar to yours. It is important to know what these products are selling for so you can price yours accordingly.

If you want to make it to the next level in terms of income, then creating your own products is the way to go.

Protecting Your Products From Theft

One of the biggest problems with creating your own products is keeping them from being stolen. Before I go into this section in any depth at all, let me say that there is no one method of product protection that is 100% foolproof. When I explain the various methods, you’ll see why. If you’re looking for a fool proof solution, it doesn’t exist. Having said that, there are things you can do to greatly reduce the risk of having your products stolen.

The first and cheapest way is to regularly change the thank you page URL of each of your products. The reason you want to do that is because people intent on stealing your stuff will search out these URLs and pass them along to others. There is nothing you can do to stop this unless you go to a paid solution. But changing your thank you page URLs will stop a good deal of theft.

The next thing you can do is password protect your PDFs or create executable ebooks that are password protected. There is a problem with this method however. It’s very annoying to your legit customers. Also, there is nothing to stop them from passing along the password to another person.

Another thing you can do is go to a scripts directory online and find one that actually protects your products from being downloaded illegally. The problem with these free scripts is that they usually don’t come with documentation and they do have some serious limitations.

The best solution that I have found is DLGuard. It is without a doubt as close to perfect as anything I have found. It’s not going to stop somebody who bought your product from sending the actual PDF to another person, but as far as somebody accessing your product off your own server, it is virtually close to impossible.

So if you’re looking to protect your products from theft, check out the link in my signature. I promise you, you won’t be sorry. I use DLGuard to deliver all my newer products and am working on getting my older products on the system too. It’s THAT good.

Make Money Online From Your Own Ebook

Ebooks have been extremely popular for a long time and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. If there is a subject you’re searching for, no matter how obscure, there is a strong chance that an ebook has been written on it. You might wonder why there are so many ebooks being written every day, even in highly competitive niches like “work at home” – “make money online” – “internet marketing” and many others. Why do people keep writing these? Hasn’t all the information already been covered?

The reason so many new ebooks come out all the time is because they are relatively easy to create, they tend to sell well, there’s always people looking for more information on a topic, and the ebook author stands a good chance at making a lot of money from their efforts. Sounds like some damn good reasons to write one if you ask me!

Even in this digital age, much of the market for ebooks is still surprisingly untapped. You would think by now that every topic would have been fully covered but there is still more than enough room for new ebooks and plenty of opportunities to make money online selling them.

Anyone looking get into making money online via ebooks should definitely not be discouraged by the amount of ebooks out there already being sold because there are plenty of great niches that are still largely untapped. Even in the big time competitive niches like “make money online” you can always expand on topics and improve on existing ebooks with new information and strategies.

Don’t ever be afraid to get specific with your topics. As a matter of fact, targeting very specific sub-niches is one of the best ways to succeed as an internet marketer and ebook publisher. When you write an ebook on a specific sub-niche, you could then follow up with one on a related niche, and sooner than later, you could have a massive empire of hot niche ebooks that make money for you all the time.

Think creating an ebook is hard?

It’s actually a lot easier then you might think! Here are the basic steps of creating a new ebook:

1 – The first thing you should do is research the niche to make sure there is a market for it. You don’t want to waste your time on an ebook that isn’t going to sell. If you find that it is a good niche then move on to step two.

2 – Find a couple of related ebooks to get an idea of what information has already been covered, how the author presented the information and what you can do to make your ebook better.

3 – Research the topic to get ideas, facts, and information for the ebook. Even if you think you already know everything there is to know about the topic, you should still do this to ensure accuracy of your information.

4 – Open up MSWord and write, write, write. Don’t worry about much of anything here except getting the words typed.

5 – Now go back and edit, format, spell check, etc… Have a friend go over it too so you can get a second opinion on everything. Add some graphics and a header and footer to make it look more professional.

6 – Covert it to .pdf

7 – Write the sales letter. Or hire a good copywriter to do this for you. This is probably the most important part for getting sales and making money, so you definitely want to make sure you have good sales copy.

8 – Write the affiliate page and any other pages you will have (tos, disclaimer, faq, etc…)

9 – Get the site up and put it all together.

10 – Set it up on clickbank or whatever you are going to use for payment processor.

11 – Market like a madman!

Marketing your ebook is a whole other lesson in itself. There are many ways to market online and you should take the time to learn all about internet marketing so you can maximize your profits. There’s plenty of information to help you with that right here on this blog, so you don’t have to go far.

One good way to get started is to search for facebook groups and forums that relate to the subject you wrote about, become a member of them, and take the time to answer questions and establish yourself as a credible resource on the subject. You can also politely offer free copies of your ebook to reputable members of the forum to get some testimonials and hopefully some affiliates selling it.

Writing and selling your own ebook is one of the best ways to make money online. Getting one created and up for sale is not a difficult task. It will take some time but almost anyone can do it. The hardest part is getting traffic to the sales page and converting it into sales. So you will definitely need to learn all about internet marketing and conversion rate optimization before you will be successful at making money from your own ebook.

Get started right now!

Not Using PLR? You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

I can’t believe how many internet marketers think that PLR is a waste of money. They don’t have a clue what a gold mine good PLR really is. Well, if you’re one of those who think that PLR is just a waste of your hard earned cash, then you might want to read this article. I promise you that by the time you are done with it, you will have changed your mind completely.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, but you already knew that. What you probably don’t know is that PLR is one of the most misunderstood and misused items in internet marketing today. That’s right… people just don’t know how to use it properly.

The reason is because they think they can just pull it out of the box as is, slap it up on their web site and sell it… WRONG! That is the worst way to use your PLR material.

See, people think that the value of PLR is that the writing has already been done for you. Again, WRONG. The real value of PLR is that the RESEARCH has been done for you. That’s where the true worth comes in.

Think about it. You decide that you want to break into a new niche, say health. Maybe you want to write about acne. Well, you don’t know anything about it, so what do you have to do? Well, for starters, you have to do research… tons of it.

What’s tons?

You have to find out what acne is, what causes it, what the standard treatments are and so on. This research can take you days if not weeks. By the time you get around to actually creating your product, you’ve wasted one month of your life.

Why do I say wasted?

Because let’s just say that you find a PLR product on acne where all of this information, all this research, has already been done for you. What is then left for YOU to do?

I’ll tell you what… almost nothing.

Notice I said almost. See, you do have to rewrite the PLR slightly and make some other minor changes, but the time you will spend doing this is nothing next to the amount of time you would have had to spend doing the initial research.

This is basically the misunderstanding that people have about PLR. You can’t just buy it and sell it. But by following a simple procedure, you can turn your PLR into absolute gold.

How so?

A friend of mine recently purchased some PLR content for $25 then turned around and made well over $2,000 from it in less than a week, simply by doing a few rewrites.

That’s just one small example. There are thousands more!