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How You Run Your Business Is A Reflection On You

I really don’t like going on rants but every now and then I have no choice. In spite of the fact that I have adopted a brand new “what me worry” attitude, it still bugs me when people don’t run their business in a professional manner. Without naming names, because that’s just not cool, I’m going to relate a true story and in doing so, show you an example of what NOT to do.

I purchased a product a while ago. It was supposed to be for one price with no recurring charges. Well, it turned out that the old sales page was never changed and in fact, this was a recurring charge. Well, I was pretty upset about this, but because the sales page was in error, the person did eventually agree to give me access for a year. Well, better than nothing anyway.

But it doesn’t end there. See, then, a month goes by and my year long membership lapsed for some reason. So I had to write again and he fixed it. Okay, that’s cool. In the meantime, I had made an affiliate sale for this product (after he fixed the page) so that people would know it was a recurring charge. Well, I made the sale but then, after my account lapsed and was reinstated, my sale disappeared. Guess what? You got it…Another email.

I’m now waiting for response to this one.

Tell me…do you think I’m happy? I can’t remember the last time I had to go through so much with one merchant. Do you think I’ll purchase another product from this person? Do you think I’ll promote another product for this person?

And the sad thing is, the product is kick ass. It’s one of the best products for what it does that I have seen. But the guy just doesn’t run a very tight ship and I have no tolerance for that. I probably lost a commission, unless he can somehow resurrect the records. But even if he can, the experience has been less than pleasant and quite honestly, I have enough headaches without having to deal with somebody who has so many problems.

Point is, if you run a business, like it or not, customers are going to judge you NOT only by the product you sell but by how you run your operation and your customer service. I personally pride myself on my customer service and expect no less from those who I deal with.

You should expect no less and give no less.

Ramblings Of An IM Junkie – Tax Day

Income taxes. I hate doing them.

But this year I hate them more than ever because I owe the government a fortune.

Last year I had my best income ever, and now I’m paying for it. I’ve deducted every legit expense that I could, including my PC, which is used exclusively for work, my Internet connection, my hosting, my ad expenses and on and on.

Didn’t even make a dent.

Fortunately, I have the money in the bank to pay Uncle Sam, but I hate parting with money that I worked so hard for. It’s just not fair. I mean doesn’t the government make enough money off of us poor slobs? And you know what, if they weren’t so reckless with it, we might actually have a surplus instead of a trillion dollar deficit.

But what really ticked me off is that my daughter’s $35,000 a year tuition only has $4,000 allowed to deduct. Is that crazy sh*t or what? I mean how is anybody supposed to make it in this world without an education? You’d think they’d make it 100% tax deductible.

So much for dreaming.

Well, I still have a few days until I have to part with my money. So until then, I can look at all the great success I had last year and enjoy it for at least a few more days. The good thing is that this year may just be even better. So far, so good.

If you’re wondering how I did it, well, it wasn’t easy, but it was doable. As a matter of fact, if you check out my signature, you’ll have access to everything that I know that has allowed me to have the success that I’ve had.

And if that isn’t enough, you’ll even have access to me for a whole 30 days for one really ridiculously low price. I’m talking about full blown 24/7 email mentoring for 30 days. Just so you know, an hour of my time normally goes for about $100. So you can imagine what a month would cost you. Well, when you see this, your jaw will drop to the floor.

Now, the actual offer isn’t available yet. You’re going to have to get yourself onto a mailing list.

Here’s the catch…I don’t have one for this offer yet. LOL.

That’s right…I just pulled this one out of my backside because I like helping people.

So, what you will find in my signature is a link to my videos, and somewhere in those videos, you’ll find a secret message about this offer and how you can qualify. Yeah, I love playing games now that I hit 50 and feel like a kid again.

So make sure you hunt for the clues.

Oh, and the videos will teach you a lot about making money online too.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Are You Focused?

Okay, the holiday is over and it’s time to get back to work. But, I have a question to ask you…

Are YOU focused?

Here’s why I’m asking. See, a lot of us, when we sit down to do our day’s work, think we’re actually getting something done, but we’re not.

Tell me if this day sounds familiar to you.

7 AM – Get up, wash up, and have breakfast.
7:30 AM – Read the morning newspaper.
8:30 AM – Turn on the computer.
8:45 AM – Read some emails. Reply to some emails.
9:15 AM – Surf the web a bit. Maybe go to Youtube and watch some videos.
9:45 AM – Go to our favorite forums. Answer a few posts and maybe start one of our own.
10:30 AM – Pull up one of those online rpgs. Get lost in that until lunch time.
12 Noon – Have lunch.

Okay, I’ll stop there. You know what I’m talking about. It takes you forever to actually get to your work and that is IF you ever get to it. Getting focused is the hardest thing in the world for you. And you know why that is?

You have NO schedule.

I wake up EVERY morning and know EXACTLY what I’m going to do each day. It’s all written out for me. I then check off each item as I complete it. I try to complete at least 8 items each day. Depending on how time intensive an item is, that may be a little tough, but I always accomplish a lot.

If you’re not focused, I don’t care how much smarts you have, you’ll NEVER be successful online.

So get out your Outlook scheduler or whatever you use and make a schedule for the next day and STICK TO IT.

The days where you don’t feel like working, reward yourself for completing a task. I do it by playing my guitar.

It works wonders and is a big part of the reason why I banked over $122,000 in 2007.

Get focused!

Make money.

The Importance Of Niche Research

I’m getting away from my normal “ramblings” message because I want to touch on a topic that may just be one of the most important topics when it comes to making a living online…niche research.

Why is this so important?

The reason is because the niche you choose, and how you go about choosing it, may very well mean the difference between success and failure with that niche EVEN BEFORE YOU START PROMOTING IT.

If that sounds like a strong statement for it, there is a reason why.

Let’s take an example, albeit a far fetched example. But it still applies.

Let’s say you had a strong interest in underwater pole vaulting and decided that you want to try to make money online selling books on how to underwater pole vault.

Now, if you didn’t do any research, you’d just go and create the book and start to market it. Eventually, you’d see that you weren’t making any sales. Now, if you did your research, you’d see that NOBODY was even looking for information on underwater pole vaulting. Had you done this research, and had any sense at all, you’d decide that this wasn’t a good niche to get into and you’d not bother with it.

That’s one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is getting into a niche that has so much competition that there is just no way that you could possibly break into it without a monster advertising budget. And even then, you might not make a dent.

This is why niche research is so important.