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10 Profitable Small/Home Business Ideas [Video]

A video showing 10 small business ideas you can start to make money at home:

This goes along very well with our list of the most popular ways to start a home business online.


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10 Popular Ways to Start a Home Business Online

There are many ways to start an online home business so you can be your own boss and not have to worry about the corporate grind anymore. Most of them can be done alone or combined to make more money. Some are more complicated than others but all can be done by just about anyone if you are willing to put in the time to learn and the dedication needed to build your business.

Below I have listed and summarized 10 of the most popular ways to start a home based business. It’s not an all-inclusive list as the ways to make money online are really only limited by your imagination and creativity. However, you can start with any or all of these while working on your own system if that’s what you want to do. You can combine them or put your own twist on them, or whatever else you can think of. The sky’s the limit!

Anyway, here is the list, in no particular order:

1) Content Websites – This is where you build a very large website with many pages and lots of information about a particular topic. The main intent is to cover everything there is to cover about the topic and become the authority site on the subject. You will go for top search engine rankings and earn money through various methods such as Google Adsense, paid advertising, affiliate programs, and others. This is one way to tie many different home business models together.

2) Network Marketing – Also called Multi-Level Marketing or MLM, this has been a popular way for individuals to start their own businesses for many years and still is today. It’s basically a way to tap into an existing business with a product line and marketing system to become your own independent business owner within the larger company. It often gets a bad reputation due to the shady operations of some companies, but a good network marketing opportunity can be a great way to start an internet home business.

3) Affiliate Marketing – Certainly one of the easiest ways to get started and one of the most popular online home business ideas out there today. Basically you promote other people’s products and get paid a percentage of each sale. The vast majority of affiliate programs are free and there are lots of ways to promote them for free. So, affiliate marketing can be a free way to make money without a lot of hassle to get started. But actually becoming successful at it isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. It does require plenty of learning and effort.

4) Information Products – Most people these days have read or at least heard of an ebook. They are the most common form of information products and can be a really good way to build a business on the internet. This is similar to writing a regular book except it’s totally online and much easier and cheaper. You can write about pretty much anything you want. However, you need to do niche research first to make sure you are writing something that has a market or else nobody will buy it and you won’t make any money.

5) eBay – No big revelation here. Everyone knows you can make money selling on eBay or even start a full blown online home based business on there. In fact, a large percentage of people who do decide they want to begin making money from home start out by selling stuff on eBay or other similar sites. Earning a full-time living doing it isn’t as easy as it used to be but it can still be done. If nothing else, it at least gets your foot in the door and leads you to other home business ideas.

6) Membership Sites – These can highly lucrative if done correctly and they can bring in a lot of residual income. What you do is start a private site that only members can enter with some sort of monthly value that makes people want to continue to pay every month in order to keep their membership. An example would be a membership site that gives members a new researched niche, website, keyword list, content, and so on every month. So all they have to do is put it all together and they have a new fully loaded site ready to make money for them each month.

7) Blogging – One of the hottest things on the internet right now is the potential to make money blogging. Everyone knows what a blog is these days and if you don’t, you can figure it out by doing a quick search on Google. Actually, you are reading a blog right now whether you knew it or not. There are numerous ways to earn money from a blog so that part is easy to find. The hard part is finding a good niche for your blog and building up its popularity once you have it built.

8) Site Flipping – This has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years and it’s because of the great opportunity it presents for huge online profits from doing something a little different. The basic system for flipping websites is to buy a site that has potential but needs a little work, or build a new one from scratch, then increase the stats, looks, income, etc… And resell it for a lot more than it cost you in the first place. A lot of people have built very successful internet businesses through buying and selling websites.

9) Freelancing – Most people equate freelancing with working from home rather than being in business for yourself. But in reality you can run a home based freelance business. Yes, you will still be doing the actual work for other people but you do get most of the freedoms of being your own boss. You can even build up enough of a reputation to where people will be constantly coming to you for projects and you can pick & choose whatever you want to do.

10) Services – There are a lot of people willing to pay you to do certain things for them and you can start a service home business online. For example, you could start an article writing service or a link building service, or some other type of service. If you do good work and offer competitive prices, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a lot of orders from internet marketers.

Okay, now you know the top 10 ways to start a home business online! Or at least ten of the most popular ways, if not the exact top 10. You should have no trouble coming up with an idea to start your own home based business now. As I said at the beginning of this post, you can combine many of these methods or do them alone. It’s up to you. Just get going on building a brighter future for you and your loved ones immediately!

Do Real Christian Work at Home Based Business Opportunities Actually Exist?

If you are a Christian looking to start a home based business then one of the major issues you most likely face is the fear of your business opportunity or idea turning out to be unethical or immoral in one way or another. If you look around you, especially at all the online business opportunities that you see everywhere, it may seem that the only way to make money at home as your own boss is to deceive or take advantage of people. Of course, if you are strong in your faith as a Christian then you certainly would not want to do that in any way, shape, or form. However, the truth of the matter is that it is entirely possible to build a successful Christian work at home based business without giving up any of your values, beliefs, or morals.

In fact, when you compare it with working for someone else in the “real world” you will find that one of the major advantages of running your own home based business is that you have full control to apply your own values to the way it is run. If you are an employee somewhere, you may sometimes be asked to do things that you are not comfortable with. But when you are your own boss, nobody is going to push you toward any unethical business practices. You only have your own desires and your own conscience to deal with. You have the freedom to choose what you want to do and how you want to do it and that is a wonderful feeling knowing you can incorporate God and Christianity into your business in any way you choose.

Being your own boss also means that you can work flexible hours that allow you to take time off for worship or charitable events any time you want. This is particularly true if you operate an online home business. The flexibility of the internet means that you can set up automated sales and marketing systems that can help you earn money while you are doing other things.

If your Christian faith means that you can’t or won’t work on Sundays (or any other day), you can apply this however you want. Many people simply don’t turn on their computer or check their email on this particular day. Some people will even go so far as to take their websites offline so that they cannot be accessed or make any money on the day of rest. Whether you want to go that far is completely your choice. I don’t recommend it because taking your website offline so often is not good to do, but you can if you want.

It can take a good six months or longer for your home business to be profitable, on average. This is because any business needs to establish itself and its mode of operation, and get lots of marketing done before it can really start to get customers and see a profit. However, these first six months can be an excellent opportunity to learn and to create a reputation for your new business. You also need to look at how much you can spend on making your business successful, which may involve paying for a computer, internet, phone, fax, supplies, postage, and bills as well as marketing and other costs.

There are work from home jobs where you can make money without paying anything out, but these aren’t always based on sound Christian morals and even if successful initially they could go wrong before they become lucrative. So be sure that you can support yourself and your family for at least the first year if you are not working at a day job at the same time.

Having an online Christian home business can be one of the best ways to live a life of faith. It allows you the time and freedom to promote your message while making an honest living and it allows you to educate others as well as be educated yourself. It will bring you into contact with a wide range of people from all walks of life. Using your God-given talents in this capacity is something that will help you on a personal and spiritual level, and if you are uncomfortable with making a profit above a certain level you can simply give the extra money to your church, which makes it even better.

More and more people are finding ways to make their faith and their business expertise work together by starting a Christian work at home based business and there are plenty of opportunities for you to join them. It may be worth it for you to find out how you can become your own boss and be a better Christian all at the same time. Give it a shot and see where God takes you!

Do You Have Home Based Business Insurance Coverage?

Home based businesses are on the rise these days as more and more people are discovering the advantages of starting their own business operated out of their home. In fact, it is estimated that somewhere around 30% of all homeowners operate a business from home right now, and that number will more than likely rise as time goes on. That’s great in itself but the problem is that most home based business owners are either underinsured or not insured at all. Most people assume their homeowner’s insurance policy covers their home business, but it usually doesn’t.

It’s actually possible that your home business activities could void your home insurance. The reason is because your homeowners insurance covers only your home, not your business. If you use your home for another purpose that your insurer is not aware of it might make your policy invalid. Basically you can assume that your standard home insurance policy does not cover your home business and if that’s all you have, you could lose a lot. Therefore, you may need home based business insurance!

Anyone who owns a home business faces the same risks as most other companies and needs insurance to protect themselves against those risks. Home business insurance may be needed whether your business is incorporated or it’s run as a sole proprietorship. There are a few different home based business insurance options available for you to consider.

The home business insurance policy you choose depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include how large your home based business is, the type of business you conduct, if you do any off-site work and how much, the extent of your potential for liability, how frequently you have people visit your home for business, and other things.

To find out what insurance you need or don’t need, you should take the time to sit down with your agent and talk about it with them. Don’t keep anything from them because it could come back to kick you in the butt in the future if something happens that your home based business insurance doesn’t cover.

It’s definitely worth looking into whether you think you need it or not.

Getting Your Online Home Based Business Up & Running Smoothly

Not long ago a really good friend of mine lost his job. He was angry and felt a little hopeless at first, but after a couple days of feeling sorry for himself, he realized that there were a lot of opportunities for him to make money working from home. This is something that he and I have talked about for a long time but he never really got it. He was always asking me what I do for a living but he never took the time to really understand because he didn’t need to.

He never flat out said it, but I think he always assumed I was just a lazy bum who needed to get a “real” job. But in reality I have a better job than him or anyone I know and it’s called running my own online home based business! Anyway, I was able to get my friend on the right path and he is now building up his own home based business on the internet. He couldn’t be happier that he lost his job now!

Today, online home based businesses are easier to set up than ever before and it can be done for really cheap or even for free. They allow you to work from home while setting your own hours and literally being able to work in your pajamas.

The biggest challenge that many aspiring home based entrepreneurs face is establishing tangible business goals and setting a daily schedule to follow. The reason why it is so important to establish a goal is to focus your mind on what you are trying to accomplish with your home based internet business. For example, many people will say that they just want to make money (a lot of it). While there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money online, it is important that you clearly define exactly how much money you want to make and how you are going to do it. You need to write this down on a sheet of paper and place it where you will see it every day. You have to also create a realistic day-to-day schedule to follow.

Many people hate the idea of establishing a daily schedule. It reminds them too much of work. The danger in not establishing a daily schedule is that it may become too easy to simply procrastinate and drift from one online business idea to another. People who do not have a clearly defined set of daily activities will more often than not become bored, confused, frustrated, and not get any real work done. The reason why these people struggle is usually because they never bothered to establish a home business goal and a daily schedule that is designed to help them reach their goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you are interested in starting an online home based business, you really need to take it as seriously as possible. That means you will have to set clearly defined goals and create a day-to-day schedule that is filled with activities that are designed to help you move in the direction of your business goals each and every day.

Remember you are running your own home based business. It’s not a hobby or something you are just going to try out for a while; it’s a serious thing that can have a significant impact on your financial future. Just because you are working from home online and don’t have a “real” job doesn’t mean you can slack off. If you want your online business make money and succeed, you need to do whatever it takes to make that happen!

So, with that being said, let’s get to building it…

How to Start an Online Home Based Business

There are many ways to start an online home based business. For example, if you have experience in web design, you can start your own business designing web sites for other online businesses. You would need to promote your home based business online by using some of the numerous internet marketing methods available. To add to your credibility you should get testimonials from current clients to post on your website.

Many people start online home based businesses through auction sites such as eBay, uBid, Bidz, Amazon, and a few others. They pick the products they want to sell, write up a description, take pictures of them and put them up for auction. Those with an extensive product line sell products on these sites every day. If you don’t have a product to sell, there are plenty of dropshipping sites that will set you up with products. They will even ship products to your customers.

Some people start an online home based business from scratch. They have a particular expertise and interest in a product they are selling. For example, a martial arts expert may decide to start selling a line of training equipment online. He would start out by developing a website then try to promote his home business through search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads and various other internet marketing methods.

And those are just a few quick examples. There are literally thousands of different ways you can start a home business online or offline.

Whatever online home based business you choose, you will need to market it. Internet marketing can be difficult. Many people start out with free ads and social media to get some exposure. Then they start using pay-per-click advertising and SEO. Those who pay more get the best exposure but you must make sure you are getting back more money than you are paying. Exposure is often through prodigious “search engine” sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. With the proper keywords and marketing techniques, you can ensure that your website will rank high in these search engines. That way, anyone looking for topics related to your website will find your site and make you money in one way or another.

One key thing to do is build a list of prospects so you can send out emails to them about products and services they may be interested in, which you will also earn money from any sales you make. There are few things more valuable to an internet marketer than his own list of names and email addresses.

Some people run online home based businesses working as an affiliate marketer. Their online ads are designed to sell various products online and get commissions just by advertising their sites. The companies usually pay them through direct deposit, check, or PayPal.

It is up to you as to which online home based business you would like to start. There are many opportunities out there for you to take advantage of but it is highly recommended that you do your research before joining any program or sending them anyone money.