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Buying a New House – But You Work at Home?

We have our house for sale – its actually perfectly setup for someone who works at home as I do – but we are selling because we want to downsize our mortgage and spend less time fighting the garden.

But it got me thinking – what makes for the perfect home if you are looking for the best house for a home business? What does the work from home professional need in their home? Well, I have quite a long list having been renting for a few years – here’s some of them.

Requirements for a “Work At Home” House

  • Must have a good sized separate room which I can call an office. Having separate office which you can close the door on is not only helpful psychologically – it also means that you will probably get a better tax deduction (check with an accountant or tax professional for the details on this).
  • I need a view and natural light, and I need warmth because I live in a cold climate. You may need cooling if you live somewhere warmer.
  • Must have sufficient power points and phone line connections – a quality and fast internet connection goes without saying. Improved wireless networking means that its no longer necessary to physically attach printers and modems to your computer – but they all still need power – so if you have the choice – you can never have enough power points!
  • If you employ staff or have clients visit you at home its probably important to have a separate entrance to your work at home office. You don’t need the kids answering the door to the client! Equally you probably don’t want employees encroaching on your family space – so therefore you will probably need an office with a kitchenette and separate toilet too.

As my work at home business is entirely online based I don’t need to deal with clients or employees in my home – so rather than looking for a self-contained home office I want a room with a view, and good insulation.  What I might do is take the largest bedroom and use it for an office. In Wellington anything that is advertised as an “office” by a real estate agent really means “tiny cupboard” or large landing!  The key thing for me is to get a property that has an excellent broadband connection -this is not as simple as you may think – in new suburbs there are often not enough broadband connections to go around!

So whether you are looking for your next home or your first, whether you work at home or in a more traditional job, take a moment to sit down and really think about what you want from your next home, before you hit the streets checking out houses for sale!

A Home Based Office – How To Set One Up

So you have taken the plunge and are setting up your own home based business, or maybe your employer has given you flexible working arrangements so you can work from home. Whatever the reason – you now have to find room for a home office – and you don’t happen to have an empty room just waiting for you to occupy?  So how do you find space for a home office? Obviously some home workers will need more space than others – but most people these days will need at least a computer, an Internet connection, possibly a telephone and a desk.

Beyond these physical requirements most people will need a space which is free of distractions – particularly if there are children in the house – and which they can close the door on when the time for work is done.

So how to find the space for your home office?  Well if you are working online you need surprising little space – in fact as I write this I am working on a small desk in the corner of a living area. Its hardly an ideal arrangement – and wouldn’t work if I had to share the space with someone else.

The most common approach many people take is to convert a spare bedroom into a home office. If you have the money – replacing a bed with a more flexible piece of furniture such a convertible sofa means that the room can still work as a spare bedroom but you will have space for a work area. One bedroom I would never use as an office is your own – enough to give you nightmares – and make it way too easy to check email in the middle of the night.

Another area often successfully converted is a basement or garage area – though this may cost a bit if you need to add insulation and phone lines.

Even if you don’t have a spare room – a cupboard can be used – the space under the stairs can convert to a surprisingly large amount of space if a built in desk and lighting is added. The problem with this arrangement is lack of peace and quiet. A door is highly recommended in this case as it will prevent little things like pens and mouse pads walking when you aren’t looking.

So if your home based business has outgrown the kitchen table, look around – you may be surprised to find a home office just waiting to be created in a corner of your existing home.

Work at Home Based Business vs Home Job Opportunity

You are here because you either want to know what a work at home based business is or you want to find one. I am going to explain to you what a “work at home based business” really is and tell you the similarities and differences between a home based business and a work at home job opportunity. They are not exactly the same thing even though many people think they are.

Let’s look at some similarities and differences between working at home and running a home based business.

When you have your own home based business then you are obviously working at home while running it. So, in that regard they are very much the same. However, a typical work at home job means you will be working for a company or another individual. This is basically the same as going to a regular offline job every day except you get to do it at home.

You should never pay to work at home for a company or an individual. They should be paying you, not the other way around. But a home based business opportunity is different. You will almost always have to pay to join them. It might be a onetime fee or a monthly fee but either way it will cost you.

You have your own online home based business if you do one or more of these things to make money…

* You make money at home by selling products. These can be products that you created yourself or products you are selling as an affiliate.
* You earn money online from selling (flipping) websites or blogs that you have created or purchased and fixed up.
* You make money from selling adverting space on your websites or blogs.
* You make money online by selling articles or content that you have written.
* You make money with Adsense on websites or blogs that you have built and got ranked highly in the search engines.

There are certainly other ways that you can make money at home online which would constitute you having your own online home based business, but the ones listed above are the most popular methods. Basically it boils down to if you make money from your own websites or blogs, or by selling something that is created by you then you have your own online home based business.

You have a work at home job if you do one or more of these things to earn money…

* Someone else pays you to create something for them for a specified amount of money.
* Someone else pays you for writing articles, blog posts, advertisements, sales copy, information products, or other content for them.
* You get paid by someone else for building or designing web sites for them.
* You get paid for taking surveys, reading emails, posting in forums, clicking ads, filling out free offers, or performing other similar tasks.
* You do anything else for someone where they pay you for your time and work.

As with the home based businesses, there are other ways you can earn money that would constitute you having a work at home job but those listed above are some of the most common. Basically you have a work at home job if someone else pays you to do something for them.

Do you see the differences between the two?

It comes down to whether or not you make money from the sale of products or services. If you do then you have your own online business. And if you are getting paid by someone else for a service you provide, you have a home based job. There are exceptions to this rule but that’s basically the way it is for the most part.

When you own a home based business you make money doing things that benefit you and your business. You do keyword research and build your own websites. You do your own marketing and advertising. You make money from your visitors and customers. You are in control of how much time and effort you put into building your business and how much money you can potentially make from your work.

For example, if you write your own information product (ebook) then build a website and write a sales letter to sell it, then you have created your own business product. You will then market it using various internet marketing techniques and hopefully a lot of people will buy it. This is part of your own business and everything you do for the product benefits you. How much money you make from it mainly depends on your own efforts and you can continue to earn from that product for years.

On the other hand, when you have an online work at home job you must work the hours needed in order to complete the task you are getting paid to do for someone else. You will do the work and then give it to your virtual “boss” so they can use it for whatever they needed and pay you for it. You are helping them build their business, not yours. As soon you are done and get paid for your home based work, you will no longer make money from whatever you did. You have to find another new “job” to continue making money.

With a home business you keep earning money even if you aren’t working. Once you have built it up to the point where money is coming in regularly, you might be able to take an entire month or longer off to go on vacation and your income will stay the same. With a work from home job, your income goes away as soon as you stop working.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both but I highly recommend starting your own home based business rather than doing work at home jobs. The reason is simply because you must have your own business if you really want to create financial freedom for yourself and continue to do so into the future. You will not get rich doing work at home jobs because you will always have to keep working and completing tasks for someone else to get paid. You can only work so many hours in a day and you can only earn so much for your work. There’s a low ceiling on how much money you can earn from work at home jobs. You have a lot higher income potential as well as leverage and options with a home based business.

Now is the time for you to sit back and really think about how you are making money at home online. Do you have your own internet home business or do you have a work from home job? There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing work for someone else and getting paid for it. However, if you are worried about your future or want to create financial freedom for you and your family, you really need to get started on your own online business right now!

The next time you are looking for “work at home based business” you will know that phrase is actually two separate things combined into one. You can do both or you can choose a side. You now know where I stand on the issue.

Are you looking for a way to start your online home business or add an additional income stream to an existing internet business? Here are my top recommendations for the best home business opportunities.

Four Key Manual Traffic Exchange Secrets Exposed!

Manual traffic exchanges offer a quick and easy way for Internet marketers to get traffic to their web pages and can be an effective way to market your online business website provided you apply a few key manual traffic exchange secrets.

If you expect to make money simply by posting your sales pages on a few traffic exchanges, you will most likely be disappointed with the results. Instead, think about why people surf traffic exchanges and design your campaigns around those factors. In most cases, they don’t surf them to read other people’s web pages but to earn credits to get their own pages seen. They will be clicking away from your page just as soon as the timer counts down and they’ve earned their credit.

Worse still, a lot of people use multiple browser tabs to surf several exchanges at the same time, which means that they won’t look at your page for more than a couple of seconds before hitting the next tap and clicking on another traffic exchange page.

That is why a simple squeeze page or lead capture page will work much better for you on traffic exchanges – it has a simple message that can be conveyed in a couple of seconds… Using splash pages instead of sales pages is one of the most important manual traffic exchange secrets…

Ideally the message should be targeted at the audience – TE surfers – and include an element of personal branding to achieve maximum effect. It’s simply a matter of squeezing the best possible results out of a cheap method of promoting an online business. You do that by focusing on where your audience is coming from and getting your name and image as well as your offer in front of them. Personal branding is another key secret to success on traffic exchanges.

Typically, a manual traffic exchange audience consists of people who are looking for ways to get as much traffic to their website as possible for little or no expense. Think about how you can appeal to that need when make your pitch on your lead capture page. Think about how you can get seen across several TEs and build up your personal brand at the same time. TE surfers might not take you up on your offer the first few times they see your page, but each time they see it, if it has your photo, or video and NAME on it, you will be impressing yourself upon them as the go-to person in your field… especially if what you offer is UNIQUE and offers a relevant solution to the typical TE surfer’s problems…

Here’s another traffic exchange secret

**Not all traffic exchanges are equal!**

You need to know how many new members each traffic exchange attracts each week, and how much traffic each traffic exchange delivers. Popular traffic exchanges are capable of attracting a lot of new members every week, bringing hundreds of fresh eyes to your splash pages.

Seek out and join the most popular traffic exchanges because they are the ones that are likely to be growing fastest and will have the largest membership base for you to appeal to. You can find out which are the 100 most popular traffic exchanges by checking the Affiliate Funnel Rank Report.

Finally, you will need to track the performance of your splash pages across the traffic exchanges. If you don’t track your results you will have no way of knowing what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t track your results you can’t systematically improve on them.

That is the “secret” that most TE surfers miss. However, a new development has made it easier for every TE surfer to track their results from now on…

Just recently, traffic exchange experts Paul Kinder, Tim Linden and Jon Olson launched a free service called TE Toolbox which includes a splash page creator, rotator and tracking service all in one convenient place, completely free of charge at the basic level. I have been playing around with TEToolbox and find the free service is perfectly adequate for my TE campaign needs.

If you do your research, appeal to your target audience in a way that suits the medium where they are to be found and track your results, you will have mastered the secrets of manual traffic exchange success and will have set yourself up for TE marketing success!

Working At Home is Bad For Your Health!

When I used to drag myself to someone else’s office five days a week I used to dream of working at home! The thought of not having to get dressed, not having to rush to get out the door, not to having to sit in traffic was enormously appealing to me.

The reality, as so often in life, is a little different. There are the slight annoyances – suddenly the bill for toilet paper and coffee goes through the roof – but is probably off-set by the savings on lunches and snacks at work. There is the fact that you are the one that gets the door-to-door salesmen and the telephone survey “opportunities”.

The single biggest issue I had, working from home and working online, was health. Basically building my own business was hugely absorbing and I could work for hours and hours and not get up from the computer – in fact barely change position. My body hurt – I didn’t have full-blown RSI but I would certainly have developed it had I not noticed and changed my keyboard and mouse positions around to stop myself hunching over the keyboard quite badly.

I got lonely too – although I have always vowed loudly and often that I didn’t go to work just to meet people – not going to work I certainly found quite isolating. My poor partner came through the door every afternoon to a barrage of chat as I practiced using my voice again! That only lasted about a month or so and I got used to it though. It was tougher for me because I was living overseas at the time, but then I am also quite self-contained so I don’t need to have social contact every day. If you do I seriously suggest you think twice about working from home – it is a very different environment than working in an office.

Then one day you look up and find you don’t fit your jeans anymore. Even if you don’t currently walk or cycle to work, even driving involves a few more calories moving between car and buildings than moving from bed to home office, and all too often, via the fridge. If you don’t want to put on weight when you start working from home you really are going to have to make an effort to exercise. I am lucking that I take ballroom dancing lessons three days a week. Dancing to me is all the fun parts of exercise without any of the boring bits – and that’s the key you need to find something physical which you enjoy doing to get you away from the computer and active. The human body is not designed to sit inactive in front of a screen for hours on end. If you don’t plan to get some exercise into each day your working from home lifestyle will be far from healthy.