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How to Work from Home for Free

If you have decided you want to work from home and also do it for free, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want to work for somebody else or have your own online home based business.

Having your own online home based business can bring greater rewards in the long term but it can mean a lot of hard work at the start with little or no income coming in for at least a few months up to a year, or longer. In fact, many new online business owners find that their business actually costs them money, because there is a certain amount that you typically have to invest in order to get the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to succeed.

It is hard to work from home for free if you are trying to set up a new online home business. You will probably find yourself spending money on all sorts of different expenses that you never thought about before you actually got started. Furthermore, it is estimated that somewhere around 95% of new home businesses fail in the first three years. Probably even more when it comes to online business because the low barriers to entry makes it much easier for people to “give it a shot” without really being serious about it, and they end up failing. So you are certainly not guaranteed a return on your investment of time and money by any means.

Because of this situation, many people who want to work from home for free decide to work for somebody else instead. When you do this, you are not likely to have extra expenses other than what you would have been paying for anyway; such as internet, telephone, printer and so on. Sure, the company is making money from your work and you are simply paid for your time, but you do not have the risk of the business failing and you are almost guaranteed to get paid for the work you do.

Plus the business owner has the task of finding customers and marketing the business. This is one of the most important tasks in setting up a small business or home based business. Many people hate doing it and most people have no training in it. In fact, this is probably the main reason for such a high failure rate in business.

But you can cut all this out by working for others. A lot of businesses are run entirely online these days, and business owners will hire you without caring where you live. You have no commute and you are usually free to do the work at times that suit you, although of course there will be deadlines for delivery.

The skills that are needed by online businesses are often associated with the internet, of course. However, you do not necessarily have to know a lot about computers. If you are a good graphic designer you may find work designing websites or simply designing the graphics. If you can do the technical work of coding a site or setting up a blog, you will find many people happy to pay you for doing that.

For example, you could set up a few sample sites and then visit local businesses in your area and show them the sites that you designed. If you can do some SEO work so that the sites rank well in Google, local businesses will often employ you to design or tweak their own site to get them better rankings. Most restaurant owners, builders, etc could benefit from having a well designed website but do not have the time or the wish to work on it themselves.

Of course if you do not have these skills there are other opportunities. Writing articles for website owners can be a steady way to make money. For this you need to be able to write good English. It helps if you can also quickly pick up a subject by reading about it. You will need to be able to research the topic and then write in your own words so that the article is original and does not break any copyrights. Craigslist and upwork are good places to start if you want to look for writing work from home for free.

There are many options available to you if you want to work from home for free. It is true that starting your own online home business and investing some money in your future is the better route in the long run (in my opinion) — but you don’t HAVE to spend money in order to make money. You can take advantages of the numerous free ways to earn money at home that are available on the internet. Get started right away!

Home Business Tips – What I Look For in a Home Business

Let me start off by saying that I feel that the best home business is one that you build from the ground floor up and is uniquely your own. Having said that, some people don’t want to go through all the trouble of starting a business completely from scratch. They would rather start something that already has a solid foundation… something that they can just plug into. For those people, this post is going to share what I personally look for in a home business out of the box. You may want to make note of these things.

At the top of the list is product. A home business has to have a solid product (or service) to sell. I’m talking about one that solves a burning need. For example, in today’s lousy economy, many people are out of work and in debt. So a product that can truly relieve debt or one that can teach people how to make smart investments can really come in handy. A home business that sells such a product would be one that I would personally get involved in because I know for a fact that I could sell the product. If you can’t sell the product, the business is worthless. It also has to have a product/service that I would buy (and so would others) even if there was no money making opportunity involved. If the only reason anyone is wanting to buy something is because of the business opportunity then it is doomed to fail.

However, product isn’t enough. Many people first starting out in a home business have no idea how to promote it. They may have turned on a computer for the first time for all I know. So a business, in addition to a great product, has to have training… lots of it. There are many ways to promote products online. The ideal business will teach all of the best methods in explicit detail and keep them up-to-date in the fast changing marketing world. In fact, the training section has to be so comprehensive that it would eliminate the need for the person to get any other books or courses on the subject of marketing. Trust me, these businesses are few and far in between.

Finally, there is what I call ease of use or simplicity. Now please don’t confuse simplicity with no work. People who think that they can just push a button and they’ll start making money are in for a rude awakening. Any and every business takes work. A legit home business will take anywhere from 90 to 180 days to really start seeing a substantial profit (often times much longer). What I mean by simplicity is that anybody, no matter how intelligent, can follow the system and make it work. The steps are simple, even if they do require a bit of work.

For me, THIS is the ideal business. If I were going to start from scratch, (and thank heaven I don’t have to) then this is what I would personally look for. In all my years of doing this, however, I have found very few so called “home businesses” that have all three of these things. Most are lacking in one of the three areas. Either there is no legit product, or a poor one, no training or poor training, or the system is so convoluted that Einstein couldn’t figure it out.

So trust me. If you ever find such a business, grab a hold of it with both hands and don’t let go. You may have just found a gold mine. If you want my personal recommendation then here it is.

What is a Real Work at Home Opportunity?

When most people start looking for a way to work at home online they don’t really know what they are looking for, even if they think they do. The phrase “work at home” is actually very general and several different things fall under it. You are most likely looking for one of these three things: A work at home opportunity, a work at home job, or a home business. They all have quite a few similarities but they also have some very big differences in many cases.

Below is an explanation of the three types of “work at home” so you can see the similarities and differences. There is a lot of natural overlap between them so it’s almost impossible to perfectly categorize them, but I have done it as closely as possible.

A work at home opportunity is somewhere in between a work at home job and a home business. It’s a way for you to make money at home without actually working for someone else, but you aren’t really in business for yourself either. You can sometimes earn pretty good money this way but you’ll never become wealthy doing it. Your pay will mostly depend on how much time you can put into performing tasks and you obviously only have so much time in a day so it limits your income potential.

Your typical work at home opportunity will consist of taking paid surveys, completing free offers for money, paid forum posting, getting paid to blog, and other “get paid to” or GPT programs. You might also do some freelance work or some sort of data entry. Although those are more “work at home jobs” than anything.

A work at home job is where you work for someone else performing a certain task (job) or a number of tasks for them but you do it from home. It’s basically the same as a regular job that you do offline but you are doing it from home instead. These jobs can pretty much involve anything but often times it will be technical support, customer service, telemarketing, transcription, data entry, and other similar jobs.

The thing you have to remember is that you are working for someone else when you have a work at home job. Even though you are working at home, you will still not have the freedom you might think and you will never get paid very much money this way. If all you really need to do is make a little extra money for whatever reason but want to do it from home, then finding a work at home job would be ideal. The best part is that you know exactly what you have to do to make money and exactly how much you will be paid for doing it.

Starting a home business is the best way to work at home, in my opinion. You have the freedom to work when you want and make money from home doing something you choose and enjoy. There are virtually unlimited things you can do to build a home business and this is the only way you can actually create complete financial freedom for you and your family. Some of these include; MLM, affiliate marketing, SEO for local businesses, running your own blog, selling things online, and other ideas along those lines.

The only downside to a home business, compared the other two ways of working at home discussed above, is that you don’t have the security of knowing just how much money you are going to make and when you will be paid. But you do have the luxury of knowing that your income depends solely on your efforts and has almost no limitations. Use your time wisely doing the right things and you can eventually be making money like it’s nothing.

I hope you now have a much better understanding of the differences between work at home opportunities, work at home jobs, and home businesses. They are similar but they are certainly not the same things. The differences should not be ignored because they can have a significant impact on what you do to make money and how much you can make.

When you are looking for a work at home opportunity you need to be sure you know what you are specifically looking to do so you can find the right system for you.

How to Start a Home Business for Moms

There are thousands of moms who make money working at home with a “moms home business” on a full time basis or just part time to earn a little extra income. Often times it starts out as a way to make money from home while still being able to stay with the kids, but in many cases it eventually turns into a full time income for the entire family.

For single moms, as well as wives with husbands who have lost their jobs, found themselves in need of another income, or whatever other situation — the need to be a work at home mom can be urgent and necessary.

How do moms start a home business?

You need to be careful when you are looking for ways to make money at home. You will see a lot of ads online, as well as offline, and it can be hard to distinguish the genuine home business opportunities from the scams.

First, remember that legitimate home business opportunities do not use spam or any illegal marketing methods. If you receive an ad in an email from a name you don’t recognize or a list that you did not sign up for, you should delete it right away without giving it a second thought. Of course sometimes it is hard to remember what lists you signed up for and what you didn’t, but if it looks or reads strangely or doesn’t have a physical postal address and a way to unsubscribe automatically, it is probably spam.

If you are old enough then you probably remember the scams that used to run as “job” ads in the newspapers that would tell you they had work available but you had to pay a fee to get the instructions or equipment. People would send the money and wouldn’t receive anything, or if they did it would be useless. These kinds of scams do still exist offline but for the most part they have moved online. Never pay for a work at home job, and if you are paying to join a home business opportunity, always be sure that you are getting something for your money.

One of the benefits of the internet is that it is easy to research a company or business opportunity before you join. There are many online forums and blogs where you can find feedback from people who have joined and will tell whether it worked for them or not. Of course with any opportunity there are some people who will like it and some who will not, but with a real scam just about all of the feedback will be negative. So spend a few minutes checking that before you spend your time or money on a moms work at home business opportunity.

One of the easiest ways for moms to get started with a home business is to look for a network marketing opportunity, sometimes called multi-level marketing (MLM). There are many of these in almost every imaginable market. As a mom, you probably know a lot of people who might be interested in stuff for babies, household goods, health care products, nutritional products, beauty products, etc… You can find a home business opportunity selling any of those. Search online for “network marketing beauty products” or “MLM health” or whatever interests you.

Many opportunities will tell you to start out by selling to your warm market which is just another term for your family and friends. I advise against that because it is not usually easy to sell to people you know. Close family and friends may buy from you once just to help you out but you may feel bad about it. They also may not like that you are using the relationship to try to make money. Instead of asking your friends to buy your products it is often better to ask them to help out by hosting a get together where you can demonstrate the products to other moms that they know.

However, there is a way for moms to succeed in a network marketing home business without doing any of this. It is called attraction marketing.

“Attraction marketing” has become the buzzword of MLM recently. It involves building up your presence so that people start to hear about you and approach you. This beats the discouraging experience of trying to push your products onto everybody you meet. So you should look for a company that will train you in attraction marketing and internet marketing methods rather than expecting you to find all of your customers from among your personal friends, peers, and contacts.

The internet can be a great place to use attraction marketing. You can set up blogs and websites, social medial accounts, and so much more and gradually build up a following on them or get them ranked highly in the search engines by learning how to make money online with SEO. Then people will find you when they are searching for information on the types of products that you sell.

It’s also a lot easier to bring in other members this way to build your personal “sales force” of affiliates or “downline” team as it is typically called in network marketing. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to do this right now. It’s easier than you think and there is plenty of information and resources online that you can learn from. You will likely need some help along the way, so look for a mom’s home business that understands the importance of training you in how to use internet marketing to build your business.

How to Find Home Business Data Entry Clerk Jobs

Are you looking for a home business data entry clerk job? Or maybe you have heard of these data entry clerk jobs and thought it sounded like something you might want to do but aren’t completely sure what it means? You are in luck because I am going to shed some light on the subject in this post.

First of all, I want to point out that a “home business” and a “home job” are two completely different things. Many people use the terms interchangeably but they are actually not the same thing – though they do have some similarities and overlap.

When you have your own home business you are in control of everything. You are not working for anyone else. This can be done as an affiliate marketer, by creating your own products, as a blogger, a network marketer (sort of), an SEO, or many other ways. But you are the one who controls your own destiny and you are dependent on yourself to make money.

When you have a work at home job, you will be working for someone else out of your home. They will pay you, they will decide what work needs done, and they will be in control of you in many ways. This is typically what a data entry job consists of.

Both of them have pros and cons. With a home business you have virtually unlimited income potential and there are an almost endless amount of opportunities available to you for making money. But it usually takes longer to start bringing in a good income from a home business and you can often do a lot of work without getting anything in return. With a home job you are not in control of your income potential and won’t make nearly as much money in the long run. However, you do have the peace of mind of knowing that you are going to do a certain amount of work and get paid for that work.

I personally think that you can either have a home business of your own or a data entry job. However, since many people don’t differentiate between the two, I will discuss them as combined term called, “home business data entry clerk jobs” and tell you a little more about what you will be doing and where to find them.

There are a lot of companies that will pay pretty good money for data entry so if you can land one of these jobs it can be a pretty good gig to do from home. If you want to make money from home part time, without running a full blown home business, then a data entry clerk job might be a good opportunity for you.

Most data entry jobs don’t require any special skills or experience. All you really need is computer access, the internet, and the ability to accurately enter data. The only real skills that data entry clerks need is the ability to type quickly, accurately, and be good with small details.

One of the top places to find data entry clerk jobs is at a place called, Data Entry Made Easy. They offer a great opportunity for to start your home business as a data entry clerk.

For a small one-time fee you can join Data Entry Made Easy, and you will instantly have access to the step-by-step tutorials in the exclusive members area. This access is good forever, so you’ll have an incredibly simple and never ending way to make money online! It’s constantly updated, so you’ll be sure to always have all the latest information.

You will be given access to a huge database of companies that need you to fill out forms for them, and you can start your data entry home business and be making money in as little as a few minutes! There are literally thousands of companies to choose from. You can browse through the list and pick the companies you want to work with. Keep in mind, that there is no approval process and it’s completely free to do data entry work for these companies! Every one of these companies will accept you. They need people like you to be data entry clerks for them.

Here are some more places to find home business data entry clerk jobs:

1. If you search for “work at home” on Google or get more specific and search for “Data Entry Job” or other similar searches, there are plenty of work at home and home business websites that can help you to find the right data entry clerk job. Remember not to ever actually pay for a data entry clerk job (or any other home job). You might have to pay for information or access to a database of jobs but don’t ever pay to actually get the job.

2. Work at home employers – Click on the “employers” tab and you will find a page with lots of trusted employers who hire people to do work from home. There is a section for data entry and typing from home.

3. Flex jobs has a specific category for data entry jobs and transcription.

There you have it, some more information about home business data entry clerk jobs and where you can find them! Now get out there and start making money in your own data entry home business.